looping yoyo

What is your best looping yoyo of your own peference?

speed beetle (only one I have :’()

Beginners - Sunset Trajectory
Advance - Modded Raider or Loop900


I tried all kinds of loopers, and don’t ask me why, but somehow I can loop the best with the Duncan Pulse. It’s silly, when I pick up my Sunsets I can maybe throw 20 nice inside loops, and when I pick up the Pulse I can loop forever! With the Pulse I can do horizontal loops and switch back to vertical ones and stuff like that. These things are very hard for me with the Sunsets, and with the Pulse I just do it. Weird. I wish it would be the other way around, as I hate the response stickers.

Where can you get the loop900??
I don’t see why people keep suggesting that yoyo when it hasn0t hit the shelfes yet. Or am I missing something?

Sorry :), But I mean that when it’s out, I recommend it for advance players, much more to those players who know wraps.

Well as what Ben (yoyofactoryben) said, maybe 2010.

So you don’t really have the 900 even though he asked what our favorite was, not asking what he should get? And yes, I believe that you have to have at least tried a yoyo for it to be your favorite.

yeah, or before you suggest it to others on a forum… no offence

I’m not great @ looping but my son has a Speed Beetle and its nice, only $10 too.

If you are lucky enough to get your hands on a B C Spitfire, just read old articles on looping and see what they suggest to use.

I didn’t like the Sunset, returned it much to snappy and that strange “stall” at the end of the string.

Speed Beetle, how can you go wrong with $10 worth of plastic and interchangeable spacers.

Custom AXLerator , the best! !! I can’t say it enough.
But don’t ask me, ask anyone else that has had one and I can tell you what they will say. (I have had one)

Fast Eddy Shooter. :smiley: These are/were made in Canada, have not seen them available in a long time. Would love to find a couple more.

I have never been able to get the Speed Beetle to loop at all.

Loop 900. Although from what I hear they require much maintenance.

Actually, I heard that the Loop 900s might not come out at all because of the major maintanance. I think it’s just for the competition team. I could be wrong though.