What is the best looping yo-yo?

What is the best looping yoyo?

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he’s fine here.

I like speed beetle’s for looping, but it’s all about preferences.

[size=10pt][size=10pt]I[/size][/size] like the Sunset
There is no BEST

he did move it before he posted. it was in general

It’s all about preferences. I prefer Raiders.

i would think actually the loop 900

Yeah Loop 900 is the best, but out of the ones in your poll I have to say Sunset.

the best is Loop 900 but out of your poll sunset trajectory

Loop 900, nothing to not hate about it when you are a 2A player. :wink:

About to get mine tomorrow, see what the hype’s all about.

Oh, it’s worth it. You’ll really notice a complete difference when compared to another looping yoyo, you’ll see…

Lol, the only looping yoyo I have is a knock off asian brand.

Then you’ll love it so, so much, I can’t even explain.

We’ll see…

I swear, everything I’m saying is 100% true, guaranteed.