looping yoyo

so i want to start looping and i dont know what yoyos i should get
i dont like yoyojam so i dont realy want to get the sunset trajectory
i was going to get the loop900 but because of all the hype yyf made about it its sold out
so i guess that leaves the loop720 IDK tell me what you think

Why don’t you like YYJ? What does your opinion of the company have to do with their products?

I have the Sunset and think its pretty good, i was able to get looping down in a week or so, but i have never tried any other looping yoyo. I was going to get the Loop900, but my parents aren’t too crazy about me spending more money on yoyos.

They will restock the Loop900 soon…

okay, my opinion may be worthless because im a HORRIBLE at looping, but i have a loop720 and honestly i dont think its that great. i actually prefer a plain fixed axle wood to it.

There are really no yoyos made for looping that are bad at looping.

720s are great, Sunsets are great, 900s are great, Relics are great, whatever is made for 2a is great. However, just like 1a, there is a lot of preference. I recently tried a 900. Hate it. Not that it’s a bad looper, just I personally don’t like it.

So you really just have to pick one and try it out to see if you like it.

Next to fixed axle wood, like the TK no-jive or similar, the Raider or Raider Ex are my favorites. Relic is good too. Don’t care for Sunsets all that much. No experience w/YYF models.

loop 720s are a really good choice they are great at looping to!!!