I want a yoyo that loops fine and if it needs any extra bearing/pads blah blah I could buy them from YYE I won’t spend $30 of shipping for $2 pads for the BumbleBee… And I’m buying them in 4 days.

Can’t wait for Loop 900’s or Unleashed’s Please help?

Anyone knows?

shinwo loop the pads dont wear and is gat a common size a bearing

More specs plox?

Should I get FIRE loop or just the normal loop?

Only 2 translucent pink color, will they last for 4 days?


Just get the loops. They will last for years.

1 more thing, are loops better than Duncan SpeedBeetles? I can afford some friction stickers…

Loops are better. No need for stickers. the rubber response of the loops will last almost forever.

Just got the Loop 900. It’s alot better than the Shinwoo Loop, but it’s also 3x the price!

And it’s not there yet. I’m ordering in 4 days.

if you can’t get loop 900, shinwoo loop. not speed beetle or fire loop.

Wait, are Loop900’s out yet?! Does YYE sell them?

so far loop 900 and Unleashed haven’t been out yet, but wait if you can. Seems like Unleashed will be a great looper. loop 720 is also a choice against shinwoo loop. loop 720, another advice.

Loop 720 is out of stock. And I don’t think I can wait :(. What do you think, btw, HitMan,DV888, Or DM2?

of course dv888. cause it’s all metal with no-vibe. most yyj bi-metals have veibe and escpecialy dm2,
only 3 outa every 10 throws are solid. vibe like crazy. dv888 can spin longer like it’s not saying “dv888 pwns obviously all!” but really dv888 has a big step up from bi-m-etals. i mean bi-metals are good but compared to dv888.

If your looking the loop 900 by yoyo factory comes out on march 18. If you can’t wait that long the loop by shinwoo is a great and cheap looper.

wow antwan you sure want to buy a lot of yoyo there are many post that you post here. if you can’t wait loop 900 buy the shinwoo loop it is great cheap looping yoyo and between Hitman, dark magic and DV888, I think you need to buy DV888 if you really know how to bind

oh really!! is coming out so soon? that’ great! thats like 10 days. So antwan, it’s only 10 days, can you wait? cause loop 900 is gonna be a blast. but it’s just a heavier loop 720.

What about Henry’s Tiger Snake or Coral Snake? I really like these.