Can't find any looping YoYo's

K, So I’m pretty much almost done with the intermediate section in 1A, I wanted to start doing 2A but I can’t find a good looping yoyo, I want something from either YYJ or YYF, in YYJ I didn’t find any imperial shaped yoyo’s. As I wanted a Sunset Trajectory NXG. In YYF I only Loop 720 was there, Out of stock… The only things I can find right now are Shiwoo Loop and Shinwoo FireLoop. I never dealt with Shinwoo before, I don’t wanna waste my money on something that I won’t use. So… Help? ??? ???

I have not tried the Shinwoo Loop or FireLoop. Duncan has the Pulse, Speed Beetle, and Bumblebee for you.

Give it just a bit longer for LOOP 900’s by YYF.

You may be able to get some loopers from the buy/sell/trade threads on the forum, too. The store already has a few options for you, but they will be getting another soon.


I like my Shinwoo Loop. Haven’t tried anything else, so I can’t compare.

I hate Duncan’s tbh… I’m in Egypt so it cost $30 for package to be sent here, Can’t wait any longer :confused:

I think I’ll just try that Shinwoo Loop.

Im fairly happy with sunset trajectories… but on the subject of loop 900’s, when are they gonna be released? Rumors spread of it being last august, then december, then yyf stated on their website this month, and its the last day of this month and still no sign of them. Anyone have info?

The shinwoo looper is capable. Somewhat of a raider knockoff.

Ok, so I will wait for YYF LOOP 900 till next Sunday, wich means that I’m probably getting a Shinwoo loop. Ty for anyone who tryed helping.