Lookin' To Buy Looping Yo-Yos: YoYoJam, Aero-Yo, Yomega, Shinwoo, Etc.

Pretty new to the yo-yo scene, and even though I’m not much of a thrower, I would like to start collecting looping (the modified-shaped ones) yo-yos. Or at least as many as I can since it seems difficult to locate yo-yos after they are no longer available on the usual websitse.

Anyway, looking for just about any looping yo-yo that’s in a modified-shaped and sold out. Preferably, I would like new or mint yo-yos, but I’m willing to listen to any offers. For the Yomega yo-yos, pretty sure there are several variations and color cobinations, so if you think you have something that would be of interest to a collector, let me know. Again, I am looking for other looping/modified yo-yos, but the ones list below are just the ones that I know that I want.

Have nothing to trade except for monies.

Sunset Trajectory - All colors
Relic - All colors
Unleashed - Any color that is not currently available to purchase

Atom - Looking for the older designs

Firedog - Pre-F.A.S.T version, All colors

LOOP - Any color that’s not available on this website

Fireball - Let me know what you have
Raider - Let me know what you have
Raider EX - Let me know what you have

Thanks for taking the time to look.