IF anybody doesnt want a looping yoyo anymore i am willing to pay 10-15$ for one maybe a loop 720 or raiders or a really good THANK YOU! ;D ;D

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No sorry, I don’t have any.

theres a guy on YYN who is selling a sunset trajectory, he is also selling 2 speed beatles but he is shipping them to me along with the spinfaktor HG here i will give you a link to the thread http://www.yoyonation.com/talk/index.php/topic,57191.msg656108.html#msg656108

I just sent you a message so hit up your message box!

You didnt specify how many loopers. 2 or 1.

But i have a SS NXG that i dont want at all. its in pretty good condition. plays great

ive got a couple loopers a pulse avenger bumblebee speed beetle and a spintastics tornado 2 in all good condition message me back for prices and offers