Duncan BumbleeBee Vs. Shiwnoo FIRE loop.

As the title says, Help me out please? Which is a better looping yoyo?

probably bumblbee just because its a duncan and shinwoo is super cheap

That doesn’t mean anything.

In your position I wouldn’t choose any of those, I have a shinwoo fire loop and it’s a little for the bad. It’s too much heavy for looping and it has clangling things inside. And it’s not one, it’s all 4 of them (long story here).

I wouldn’t choose the Bumblebee either because of the response wearing off while using it. I want a yoyo that only needs to get lube and its string changed from time to time. Don’t want to go buy pads from time to time.

I would do one of two things if I were you:
. buy shinwoo loop (not the fire one, the simple one) : heard good things about them
. wait and buy YYF’s loop900 or YYJ’s unleashed

This post only shows my opinion and keep in mind that I only tried the shinwoo fire loope

Keep it spinnin’

Duncan BumbleBee. Hands down one of the best looping yoyos Ive ever had the pleasure of playing.

Duncan BumbleBee. Just be sure to buy an extra set of brake pads if you do. And string.