About looping yo-yo's

Hello everyone, I’m kinda new at yo-yo’ing, but getting the hang of it. So I’m wondering, what would be good picks of looping yo-yo’s?

well there are alot of yoyoes to choose from like yoyojam sunset trajectory, yyf loop 720, duncan bumblebee,shinwoo loop, etc

I like the sunset trajectory NXG. They stopped making it due to the new “unleashed” looping yoyo. If you know any place to pick one up I would do that. OR, you could wait until early to mid april for the “Unleashed” to come out.

I don’t know the exact date it comes out, but I KNOW it is sometime in April.

sunset and loop 720. I don’t know when loop 900 is coming out again so that leavees two. I really dont recomend bumblee because it’s just not good for exrteme looping. You want to get a pair that will carry you through a whole journey of looping. BTW, you won’t find a person using duncan bumblebee for 2A in world championships.

i’ve seen the bumblebee’s used to loop, and they work fine. the weight is just a little off for me. i have a friend that loops with them and he mods his a bit to get better response out of it. i’d say go with Sunsets or Loop 900’s. the Sunsets aren’t hard to find on b/s/t’s and the 900’s are being released again very soon.

Yes, Bumblebees are good loopers. Yomega Raiders are as well. The Raider Ex version w/the extra spacers is my preference.

I KNOW bumble bee is great but would you choose it over a raider, sunset trajectory or a loop720.
and I know loop900 is coming out soon. JUST IMO

Over a Raider, probably not. Over a Sunset Trajectory, definitely yes. I hated those. Sold the ones I had. No experience w/YYF loopers. Just saying the bumblebee is a capable looper IMHO.

finnaly someone who doesn;t argue…

Not totaly sure on this but I would almost bet bumble bee’s have won comps, infact probably more then most other yoyos. They have been around since like 98’ 99’. Produced by playmax, who was owned by hauns dad from my understanding. So in a way even though they are duncan yoyos now, they are created by the same guy who owns YYF now.
Not more then raiders thats for sure, I think raiders have still taken more titles then any other yoyo ever.

That being said I think it is a great idea to buy some fixed axle loopers to learn on first, then switch over to bearingized yoyos. Bearing really only help with the 3A like tricks that 2A’ers do. Which really isn’t going to be what you are going to learn first.

If you only want to buy one set though then you will want to pick up one of the more moddern designs.


ok well when did bumblebee win championships in worlds? proof? please prove first, then post. you can’t just say “i bet”

Given that it was one of the very few bearing yoyos at the time it is most likely. Sorry but yoyo record keeping in the past was not what it is today. Even today’s records do not usually indicate the yoyo used by the winner.

Just give it a rest, please, and accept the fact that others have equally valid opinions.

I know I’m going to get in trouble for this. I’m sorry, I know its an old one already, but I dind’t want to bug anyone with a new one. What would you recommend to someone new to 2a? My apologies.