Duncan bumblebee looping?


I have duncan bumblebee and i started looping lat night with it. The most I can get is 4 or 5 loops in a row before it tilts and dies. Is it me or is it the yoyo? If i keep practicing will I get better or will I need to get a better yoyo to get better?


It’s you.

I’ve been working on 2A a LOT for over a year now, and I’m finally getting 5 loops on my right(dominant hand) reliable, and my left hand is up to 3. I can say with authority that it is me trying to get that motor memory and consistency as I’ve done 10 loops on my left and 20 on my right, but not very often.

You’re clearly off to a good start, so keep at it. Manage your string tension and that will go a long ways to help as well. I’m convinced that if you keep practicing, within a day or two, 10 loops should be reliable for you. Just make sure you’re doing GOOD loops.


Ok thanks I’ll keep practicing. Looping is really fun.


Do it really fast and it’s easier.


Ok I’ll try that. When I get enogh money I think I’m going to get an Unleashed.


Yes, the bumblebee is a fine looper.


Whatever you get, get 2 of them. 2A is done two-handed.

While the Unleashed is my current favorite, don’t ignore the other offerings out there as well. For the prices, the Macaron is pretty good, as are the Loop 808 and loop 360, offering just under $20 for a pair. The other choices above the Unleashed in regards to price is the Loop900 and Loop 1080, and of the two, I feel the Loop1080 is balanced and weighted better at the same price at the Loop900.

I haven’t tried the Duncan Hornet yet, but I know a pair are in my future.

2A is heavily preference based, more so than the other styles.

So, I’m not saying do or don’t get the Unleashed. I know it’s what I prefer. Please, if you get the opportunity, hopefully you can try some other loopers before you get in too deep. As for me, I like variety and since I run meets and let others try, it makes sense for me to have a broad assortment of nearly everything.


Ok. I don’t have any yoyoing friends, so I can’t try out anything. I’m going to save up to get a pair of unleashed.


I’d also suggest you get YYJ thick AND thin lube because you’re going to need it. I’d also recommend YYE bulk Slick 6 as that’s what I like for loopers, but if you’re using a ball bearing yoyo, you can use 100% polyester. But, if you’re looking to save money, the Loop360 is $8 each, loads of fun and well weighted, although it’s still light for my preferences. It’s a good looper to start with and more. However, the Unleashed is more than twice that. I do feel it’s a better overall yoyo. But, for learning and getting in on the cheap, don’t forget those low-cost options I mentioned.


Ok. I already have thick, but no thin.


For loopers you want thick lube. Skip the thin.
String - I find 100% poly to be too unresponsive. Slick 6 or 8 (50/50 cotton/poly) works better for me, and I prefer slick 8 because it’s thicker. Real preference for looping is cotton 8 but it wears quickly.


I have the Duncan speed beetle and it’s a fine looper. So I assume the bumblebee should be fine as well.

Most likely, your yoyo tilts because you haven’t got it into the control angle.

Just in case you don’t know what a control angle is, it looks like this:

/ (what the yoyo looks like from your point of view when you’re doing right-handed loop)

\ (left-handed)

Basically, practice your forward pass until you get the yoyo into the control angle right away. After the first flip, if the yoyo is still at the control angle, then you should be able to do more loops.

A great help is to get a pair of the same yoyo but with different colors. Screw the different-colored halfs into one yoyo. When you do a proper flip the color should flip too.

I can do 100+ loops with both of my hands now (No, NOT at the same time). These are what I learned during my practice.


I find using 2 drops of thick and 1/2 drop of thin gives me the response I’m looking for. I think the main point I am making is that each player needs to find what works best for them.

That’s a question I’ve had. I think I may have things tilting the wrong way. So, tilts the top to that side. Easy to remember.


I started a thread like this last week, and it turned out that it was just me. I needed practice. I did buy a few loopers in the $8-$10 range. Instead of recommending one, I’d just like to tell you the only one I didn’t like was the Fireball. The trans-axle was just way to slow feeling. Go for the bearing loopers. The different responses and weights make them all feel slightly different. I also have a bumblebee on the way, I can’t wait!


Its great, you should be excited. I got mine at five below for 3$ so i got a REALLY good deal.