looping yoyo questions

Happy fourth to all. I’m interested in getting into looping stuff. I’ve got a raider that i’m using as of right now. I want a better yoyo than what i have. I’m looking for advice from the forum. also,m in the game of looping, is there a string type that is better for looping?

Thanks all.

old dog

loop 900 or unleashed are two good choices.
Also there’s the sunset trajectory, but those are out of production.
also modded raiders are good

i just bought two unleashed :smiley:
and idk about the string, sorry

If you like the raider, I would look into picking up some Raider EX’s, adjustable and very nice. Different gap spacer settings allow you to completely customize.

As for string, honestly, it varies for all players, Some 2A players prefer 100% cotton, some prefer 50/50, and some prefer Poly. try all and see what feels best to you, just don’t go for any of the fancy not mass produced stuff.

I personally use either 50/50 or 100% poly, both work very well.