Hello all… I’m just about new to yoing and I’ve gone from string tricks to looping. I’m having a hard time of it. The throws I use are supposed to be great for looping, but I don’t see how you can use a throw for looping that sleeps everytime I throw it… Any hints or tips or maybe a new throw I should try? I use the YoyoFactory Loop 360, Duncn Bumblebee and a Yomega Raider… Thanks a million!!

Lube the bearing, keep the string tension tight. Possibly double loop the string on the axle.

I would suggest using only one yoyo to loop on cause each yoyo might require a slightly modified technique and loopings all about consistency.

But I’m no looping pro so please correct me if I’m wrong. :slight_smile:

What jhb said are all great suggestions. Lubing the bearing will make it play more responsive and sleep less. And double looping the string will decrease slippage. This is why my favorite looping yoyos with bearings are Raider Ex’s because they came with a bunch of spacers that allowed you to decrease the gap to a sliver and play more responsive. You should also shorten your string. Trying to loop with the standard length string can be pretty difficult. While it’s a preference thing, the suggested length is the length of your arm. I personally use a string that’s about 3 - 5 inches longer than my arm.

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Thx for the great feedback!! I will definitely try them out and see what happens. Thx again!!

Bumblebee and raider is horrible for looping

All 3 Yo-Yo’s you have listed are really good loopers…The Raider is an excellent Looper pretty much out of the Package. You should have no problems after some practice getting to 10 Loop The Loops, then to 20 Loop The Loops and so on from there. Look up the Raider Mods and such, keep good Thick-Responsive Lube for 2A play around. You really shouldn’t need to get another Yo-Yo anytime to soon until your Raider or Bee is well worn in. Loop 1080’s or Duncan Hornets, at best.

you have to mod it to get the best out of it.
They have gap that’s too wide for looping, maybe 2 drops of thick lube and triple loop the axle

I will agree with you that the Stock Gap is rather Wide for Looping per say and that the Mod does indeed help squeeze more Loop The Loops, it is still a GREAT Looper out of the package. At least it should be, unless you are doing something wrong. It is a great Looper and all around Yo-Yo but of course there are better. It is however the Yo-Yo I learned Hydrogen Bomb and Split The Atom on in 1999 before I ever learned to Mod one, plus you can still Loop it in this Stock String Tricking/Looping fashion well over 100 times without the Mod. So, I can’t really say anything bad about the Raider from my own experience, it was one of the Yo-Yo’s I learned on.

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Yes, I really like the Raider Ex for the adjustable gap. One trick I’ve used to improve the response on standard Raiders is to put one Duncan friction sticker in.

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That is an interesting tip! ;D

Does it Loop similarly to the Speed Beetle with this mod? The Raider is a great Looper but the Lightness and overall Speed at which you can Loop one compared to the Yomega is significant. The Loops also come out cleaner and flow better than the Raider, IMO.

Did you have to clear the Raider’s Starburst off or does it paste right over them?

I put the friction sticker over the starburst. I effectively covers/smooths it.

As to a comparison to the speed beetle, I can’t really say. I don’t care for them at all. The fact is I’ve never been able to play a speed beetle very well. They don’t work for me at all, so I’d say a Raider in any state is better than one of those.