curiosity/ technical looping question

I know that performing right-handed inside loops will loosen the string half turn each loop. Has anyone had the string come so loose things stop working?

And what does double looping the axle do for you?

8 - 10 loops on plain wood is not bad? ;D

Yes you can go so far that the string will come completely undone. Chances are that you will loose control a little before that. A string that untwisted tends to not respond the way you expect.
Double looping the axel will make the yoyo not want to sleep at the end of the string. On a wood it almost makes a sleeper almost impossible. This helps allot of people in the beginning get looping down.
A couple of suggestions. Learn a few string adjusting tricks. For example sidewinder or ufo. This will help you get more out of practicing. loop for a bit then throw a ufo. Then loop some more. Once you get better learn hop the fence. Then you can loop some and reverse the string winding with hops. Hops do the opposite of loops to the string.
10 loops in a row are great! Keep at it and you will be looping like a pro in no time.
Good luck

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I just throw some left-handed inside loops to re-tighten the string. (only about 5-6 for now)

Funny thing is though, I have learned how to keep my body more relaxed when yoing with with my left hand. I get so relaxed that I let my left hand ring and small finger relax and curl in and catch the string and everything stops.

8 loops is good. Some people can’t do even that much.

Double wrapping the bearing (on a bearing yoyo) will make it more responsive, and thus better for general looping, but not as good for some more advanced looping tricks.

Yes, it can be very untwisted and eventually fall off of the string. To correct this, do as djqsrv said: learn UFO or sidewinder, learn hop the fence, or learn outside loops.

Received my YYJ Sunset Trajectory today… I don’t know ??? I am not sure how I feel about it. ??? Extremely “whip” like response.

I think I just like my Duncan ProYo and ProFly better…I think it’s that fixed axle thing with me. ;D

When going from a fixed axel to a bearing looper you will have to make some slight adjustments. I don’t even feel it anymore but when I started with bearing loopers I hated the way the yoyo almost stalls for a millisecond at the end of the string. Then it grabs and comes back. I think that is the whip feel you are feeling. You will learn to love that feel though. To minimize it wile you are learning tighten the gap as far as possible (don’t force it!!! Just as far as it wants to go) and put some more thick lube on the bearing. Some people like more stall at the end some like less. Play with the sunset and keep tweaking till you find what works best for you. As you get better you will be opening the gap some and probably not lubing as much.
Hope this helps and the sunset is a great choice. Great looping great sleeping with little to no matenance.

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In the past I had a Custom AXLerator for looping, it would do that “stall” at the and of the string action too, but usually only if I didn’t give it a nice strong forward pass to begin with. The Sunset tends to do it either with a “soft” or hard forward pass to begin, and it makes me crazy. It is also VERY whip snappy, like the Playmaxx Bumble Bee I had.

I am not sure if I am going to yet, but I think I might send it back for credit and get my Custom AXLerator back, or maybe another ProFly and ProYo so I have a pair of each. Maybe I look into a trans-axle, I don’t really see the “need” for a bearing yo yo for fun entertaining looping.