2A help! :)

i borrow a looping yoyo (fixed axle) from my friend.
and when i loop it in my right hand, while im looping the string is tightening…
but when i take it off in my finger and try to practice loop in my left hand, when i loop the string
is becoming loosening…

now, my question is…

  • is that normal?
  • how to adjust your string when you play double A?
  • is this yoyo ok for starting Double A playing ↓
  • tips please for two-handed looping!


UFO/Sidewinders should work.
Yes, [Hyper] Raiders are good for looping (It has a bearing, by the way).
I don’t have tips, because I can’t loop for the life of me.

ok!. Thank’s For The Help Kim-Lan!

God Bless You!:heart:


i thought right hand loosens and left hand tightens

For just basic yo-yoing, left twists left and right twists right, but looping is the opposite.

I’m lefty anyway, but I ordered left and right #8 cottons for 2a.

I thought too ;D

Yup lessening and tightening of string is normal with loops. The yoyo makes a flip every time it comes around. I would recommend, like what was stated in another reply, to learn a string adjusting trick or tricks. Ufo or sidewinder for example. It will make looping more fun to practice. Loop for a bit and throw a ufo to readjust the string and then keep on looping. Once you get a little further on you will want to learn hops. This will twist the string opposite a loop. When I practice I will loop for a wile then switch to hops then just alternate back and fourth. It breaks up the monotony of practicing. As for time on 2 handed looping. I am assuming you can loop with both hands at this point. You will want to start by getting your throws coordinated. Sounds easy but I was very surprised how difficult this was when I started. I like to start with my non dominant hand. Throw a forward pass and wile the yoyo is out at the end of t5he string throw a forward pass with your dominant hand. Catch the non dominant then the dominant. You want to get that grooved real good so that they are in opposite sync with each other. Hope that makes since. Then progress slowly from there. Try one loop with each hand. then 2 and so on. I rwemember once I got to around 3 loops it just clicked and I could keep going. Watch Andre’s vids they are great! He is one of the best teachers I have ever seen. Also Shawn Fumo had a great write up on looping. I am sure you could find it with google by searching Shawn’s looping guide. I highly recommend that also.
Good luck and don’t give up. It’s frustrating at first but well worth it. And 2 handed looping looks so cool. :slight_smile:

Great advice guys!

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