String for 2a unraveling?

Sorry if there has been other topics similar to this in the past. So a few days ago I just bought a YYJ Unleashed yoyo for looping. I’m not a total beginner, I can do a few consecutive loops, but not super good at it yet. A few minutes after using the stock string included with the yoyo it started to come undone and unravel. (The two small intertwining strings that make up the yoyo string are unraveling). This made the string very rough and uneven, so I just assumed it was bad string and slapped on another string. Then a little while later the same thing happened so I started using some Toxic string since it’s very tough. It’s not holding up so well though and I’m afraid the same thing will happen again. What is going on and what do I do to stop it? Also is there recommended string for looping? Thanks.

When you loop with your right hand, it loosens the string making it unravel. Check out the 2a tuts to see how to tighten it. IMO, Slick 6 is the best for 2a. Also, shorten the string because it will make it easier to loop. Hope this helped.

You have to learn to control your string tension. There’s a couple of tricks that can help with that.

Every inside loop will loosen the string by a half turn.

To tighten the string back up you can use tricks like UFO or Sidewinder thrown to the right (remember lefty loosey, righty tighty). Alternatively you can mix in outside loops or hop the fences as both of those will tighten the string by a half turn each rep.

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Or if you’re doing inside loops on your left hand, it will tighten the string by a half turn.
String tension is key.

Correct. For your left hand inside loops tighten and outside loops/hop the fence loosens.

Okay I get it now! I knew the yoyo flipped over every loop, I didn’t know this tightened or loosened the tension though. Thanks for your help everybody!

Do you make two wraps when you put the string on to make it more responsive?