double loop around the bearing

from time to time when im throwing my string will make a double loop around the bearing and i gess that kind of changes the way i play but honestly i just unscrew the yoyo and take off that extra loop every time. so i wanna know if any of y’all double loop your string around your bearing?

I’ve heard of people doing this but only as part of the learning process. like to practice binding

I do the same for my 808s, specially if I feel that they sleep too long.

Double looping the string causes a slight increase in response. Also, you don’t have to take the yoyo apart to remove the extra loop. Just untwist it a couple of inches and unwrap the loop, retwist and you’re good to go. Use the same method to put a new string on the yoyo.

Yo-Yo String Maintenance


It used to be popular in the 2a scene with the fixed axles.

It’s Totalartist’s calling card. :wink: AFAIK she always does this. Or at least, did. As to “why”, I’ve always wanted to ask but haven’t yet…

I would only do it for 2a. Nothing else. Don’t need to take apart the yoyo. May wear down he threads or axel. Just pick it out.

The only method that I’m familiar with for double looping around the bearing can’t happen during play. It’s opening the string to place it on the yo-yo then doubling that single strand around again. I’ve had the string do what you are describing but I didn’t consider that a double loop, I considered that a knot.

Do you guys think unscrewing your yoyo alot would damage it?

Not really, you just need to be careful putting it back together so you don’t cross thread it. It’s just a lot simpler not to do it is my main reason. Also it’s easier to not get the string caught between the bearing and the shell if you don’t unscrew it to put strings on.

Agreed. I prefer to just use a straightened out paperclip to pick out the knot when I get one.

Never done it on purpose. I do get those knots all the time. Basically the only knot I get.

 I used to do this with my Fireball when I wasn't onto the unresponsive stage yet and recently I've had to teach a whole bunch of beginners so I used this method to make the yoyos more responsive.   ;D

Haha, yes Greg P, when you see photos of my yo-yos, 99% of the time, you will see a double loop. I got a PM question about that. It is done on purpose, and here is the reason why…

When I first started throwing, I was playing responsive. While I was playing responsive, I was fascinated by a few unresponsive yo-yos, so I looped the string around them several times, as many as 5 times, to I could play them. This worked with a MMN I remember. Anyway, as I started to play unresponsive, the string wrapped around that one extra time still just seemed more “secure.” That string wrapped once around the bearing just looks like something destined to snap. Whether fact or fiction, or just in my own head, I could care less, I just felt better seeing it wrapped twice, because it seemed more secure. Now, while doing some tricks, like the Zipper for example, the yo-yo has a tendency to get responsive, but I can feel it coming on and reverse the process before it does (if I want to). Over time, this game of feeling the yo-yo start to respond and stopping it, has become part of the “control” game with the yo-yo…which adds to the challenge and the fun. The same way you play and simultaneously control tilt and other things while playing, that response thing is also another dimension that makes it fun. Also, I like playing responsive, so response is never a bad thing for me when it happens, I just work with it. Basically, I just do it because I do it, and it works for me. :wink:
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