Double looping strings

If anyone has the problem of going through strings really fast, like one or two a day from heavy use, then try double looping the string at the bottom of the yo-yo. It’s a trick I learned 11 years ago that is greatly preserving the life of my strings. It’s not expensive, but I hate my yo-yo slamming into the ground, and then having to resize and restring. To do this, just open the end like you normally would and then place it in the gap, make an “x” and thread it on one more time. Give it a try. It does not affect response or anything, just makes the string more stable. If you have CT or Konkave bearings, it works really well.

it does increase response.

take something with dead unresponsive. its become easy to snag up on tricks with wraps. say bye bye to several many fun tricks.

I guess it just depends on the yo-yo. Mine are not more responsive because of it.

plus, you dont NEED to change string more than once a day.

with bearings the wear on string is nearly zero. “O NOEZ! ISH BEA DIRTIEZ!!” big deal. it isnt gonna break for a LONG time.

i play at least 3 hours a day. some YYE stock poly of mine has gone about 1 week.

That’s cool. Do you like poly? I have 50/50 and I was going through about a string a day. I wasn’t changing it, but breaking it. Since double looping the bottom, I have not had a problem.

I think the amount of response from double looping depends on the yo-yo, especially its gap width and response system. My Route 66 and Project could care less if the string is double looped (which sometimes accidently happens to me during play…dunno how…anyway) but my Raptor or Radian will become snappy and responsive if that happens.

That’s cool. I have a Northstar and DM2, and neither of those act differently when double-looped. I guess you just have to test it and see.

50/50 seems to snap easy for me. i really only use poly

“i dont always drink beer yoyo, but when i do, i drink dos equis use poly string”

That’s cool. I might buy poly next time around. The 50/50 has been snapping on me, too. It makes me want to drink more Dos Equis yo-yo more.