Is It My String?


My Loop 360 string keeps breaking within a day.

The rubber response pads wore down and made it unresponsive. So I threw on a used Duncan response pad to get it to return.

I have heard looping yoyos require a different string type. Cotton I believe? Is the string really that important? I have been using polyester I think.

So is the problem my string or response pad?


I always use Poly string when I loop. Is it possible that the string is getting caught between the bearing and the side of the yoyo? This can shred string really fast.


I normally use 50/50 type 8 string on my loopers. Cotton seems to work better for me in some cases, particularly on fixed axle, but it wears much quicker than other types.


Did they wear down or fall out? Pads shouldn’t wear down that fast.

It is possible that you got some lube on them which could cause them to fall out.


The original rubber pads wore out. It is an old yoyo.


Oh… misread it lol. I thought you were saying the pads wore out within a day.


The STRING keeps breaking within a day. Sorry if my post didn’t make sense. lol.


yeah, just modified my post when I realized haha. I get what you’re saying now, just misread it. polyester string shouldn’t break that fast.

Does the Duncan pad actually fit in the Loop 360 groove or is it sticking out more? it could just be the wrong pad causing more friction.


The Duncan pad is like twice as big as the original pad. Maybe that is it.

EDIT. I have actually been placing the new pad OVER the old ones. I never took the old pads out.


That sounds like the issue, try some small bearing yyf pads and see if it helps.

EDIT: Also, since you mentioned the yo-yo is old i’d recommend you check the bearing. If the bearing is locked up or has any rust it can wear out strings faster too.