String broke fast?

Hello, I’m new to yoyos, the last time I used them was in elementary school.
Anyway, I just bought a Loop 1080 and was practicing looping and the stock string broke in like 30 minutes. Is this normal, or was it just bad luck, or does the Loop 1080 specifically eat strings fast? Do I need to widen the gap for this yoyo?

Some Loop 1080’s will eat strings. The good news is that this gets better after you’ve gone through a few. I think the plastic or something is just a touch too rough.

Keep in mind with loopers, you do go through strings more often regardless of model. Starbursts seem to be the better response in my opinion but they are harder on strings.

Also, what kind of string are you using? 100% cotton lasts the shortest. Slick6 will do better for you. With a bearing looper, even 100% polyester is OK.

Again, loopers go through strings faster. Also, get yourself some thick and thin lube.

Only adjust the gap if you feel the need to. It will adjust the responsiveness as well. Adjust to preferences.

Thanks for the info, I’m not sure what the stock string was, but I’ve replaced it with cotton since thats all I have right now. I have some slick6 coming in the mail in a few days so I’ll replace it with that when I get it.

I was previously practicing with a stock Fireball until I stripped the screw and the two halves of the yoyo wouldn’t tighten anymore. I was using that for like a week (total time a few hours probably) and the string never broke on it, but maybe its because its a non-bearing transaxle?