Something odd and peculiar with my 1080 :o

Ok so i got a loop 1080 for X-Mas and I was getting good at loops so I thought I’ll cut my string, I’ve heard it’s easier to loop with shorter string. So,
I used the guide that came with my bros spinstar. After a few loops wooooooosh hits the blinds on a window hits the ground and rolls under my dresser. I get it out and say :o DANG THEESE ARE DURABLE :o. So after that I unscrew it to take the old string off, and this is what happened. Unscrews normal then gets a little tight as it unscrews then back to normal and on and on until unscrewed completely, same for screwing in. Andre and Ben say “Somethings wierd” I can’t figure out what it is so I thought you guys would like to know about this peculiar problem.

so does it play wrong?

Take the axle out to see if it’s bent. Roll it on a flat surface. If it flops it’s bent.

I had one of my 1080’s first eat a string and then fly away when the string broke, and then I had to screw it back together. I’m not blaming the yoyo. I think I just flat out wore out the string rather quickly. String eating might not be an accurate term.

I haven’t had a problem since. I do need to lube these up. They just aren’t are responsive as I’d prefer them to be. Even heavily lubed and on the smallest gap setting, I’m still have issues with them. I will chalk this up to the fact I’m still learning looping though. I don’t like to blame the equipment, because I don’t feel it’s the equipment.

if it plays normal, I wouldn’t worry too much about it. I’ve had a lot of screws do that, not quite sure the reason. As jhb said, it might be slightly bent.
but yes, it’s a good idea to cut your string. much much easier to control your looping. I cut mine about arm length. (usually from tip of my middle finger to my armpit)
also, change your string regularly when looping. the starburst wears out string much faster. I usually go through about a string a day when looping.
Also, not sure what kinda string you’re using, but 50/50 is amazing. I used poly when I was first learning, then I tried out 50/50 and never looked back.

I have 100 100% poly. JHB I can’t unscrew the axle on these. 3d1t** plus the cap seems to be out a tad on the Shu Takada side, and a little on the over half. And i can’t push them in.

50/50 is my preferred string as well. I like 100 cotton but it doesn’t last.

Try this: Double Nut method to Remove an Axle

It’s a fixed axle (I think) like in a reflex, or a spinstar. It’s unremovable. I pretty sure. Studio do yours come out.

you mean this one:

Umm, no I firmly believe it’s removable.

Hmm I’ll keep trying.

The Loop 1080 is not a fixed axle. However, doe the axle come all the way out? Not sure. I have no need to totally dismantle it for my own amusement. However, it is a take-apart design, meaning that it’s normally for the halves to be able to be taken off so you can do maintenance to the bearing.

Im saying the AXLE does not come out.

Jhb, after using Double Nut Method, It still won’t budge and it Is even harder to screw in.

In sending it back for repairs, or refund.