Loop 1080 help.

Ok, so I got a loop 1080, played it, it flew off the string and sorta broke, I sent it back to YYE and got a return (Good o’l Andre). The return loop 1080 had spacer defects, got a new pair, Now it works fine until today I noticed the Axle Is Bent, I can’t get it out Using The Double Nut Method, and I don’t think YYE sells replacements. It also does the sane thing it did the first time You screw it in the it feels tightening then normal then tight until it screw in all the way.

What Should I Do?

If it plays fine and the only problem is that you noticed that axle is bent, then just play with it. Maybe it’s not really bent.

Also, I would think you would rarely have to open your loop 1080 unless you’re replacing or lubing the bearing. Try not to do it very often.

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It makes the spacer sit crooked causing the mechanism to not work.

Are you experienced with looping?

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Very. 8) My Favorite Style.

Do you mean the axle is literally (visibly) bent, or the yoyo halves are just not going parallel?
If the latter is the issue, then… I have a friend who owns a pair of bent loop900 (both bent) so maybe that issue comes out again this time.

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Its slightly visible, and the halves aren’t parallel. Maybe it is common, because i didn’t bend it or mess with it.