Another 2a yoyo?


About 2 months ago I began to venture into 2a play, and boy is it fun! My skills have gone from none to more than in the beginning. The two yo-yo’s I primarily use are the Loop 808 and the Loop 900, I used the Loop 808 in the beginning but now I moved to the Loop 900 due to the adjustment mechanism. Recently, however, I have had problems with both Loop 900’s as I constantly have to check them for being loose, since in most cases the halves are loose. It has already happened a number of times that the yo-yo halves fly out during play and I have to look for the pieces which is hard. The axles do not appear to be frayed. Can anyone offer advice on how to maybe fix this problem? Or maybe I should upgrade to another looping yo-yo. Been thinking of upgrading to the Loop 1080 for a while, maybe now is the time. Or if you have a looping yo-yo recommendation please let me know.


You probably shouldn’t trust me about 2a, but I’ve heard from a lot of people that the 1080s are good.


I’d wait for the loop 2020


No way! Are they really going to release another looping yo-yo to the market?