Loop 1080 question

So I just received a new pair if loop 1080s. One seems to vibrate on the way down. Any reason s why this may happen?

What do you mean by vibrate exactly? Is it loose, is something seeming to rattle inside of one of the halves, or…

A little more info would be helpful (at least I think it would).

The gap is too small. Use the tool to make it wider

I bought a loop 1080 a year or two ago, one of the halves is out of alignment making the gap huge on one side and tiny on the other, so check to see if yours has the same problem. If it does, I don’t think there’s any easy way of fixing it without taking the caps off and tinkering with the axle and thread.

I actually just figured it out… I had a tiny knot on the string that made the yo-yo vibrate as it went down. How embarrassing… ;D

Lol, it’s okay. No worries :wink: