YYF LooP 808


Any reviews on this one? A comparison maybe? They are relatively cheap and plan to buy some to learn 2a.

Tried to search but couldn’t find one.

I own one piece of loop 900 and was think if I’d rather buy two 808’s or another 900…


The Loop 808’s are new, part of the Champion Series, which released a bit before Nationals. That’s why there’s little to no reviews on them.

I’d say if you’re looking for a good set to get started on, the Loop 808’s are more than sufficient to get the job done. I would also recommend that you also pick up YYJ thin and thick lube as well. I’m not knocking the YYF Performance oil, but I have found the way the YYJ thin and thick lube work together is ideal for 2A play. Use thick lube to slow the bearing down and increase response, while you can use thin lube sparingly to “fine tune” the responsiveness back down. Since the gap is not adjustable, lube is your only choice for tweaking the responsiveness. This isn’t completely original, as many other loopers have similar issues with the gap being fixed or at least not intentionally adjustable.

A few things:
The gap is fixed. It is what it is. Even so, it works pretty good.
They seem kind of light, but they still work good.
They only come in red and green at the moment. Maybe that’s it.
At roughly $10(I paid $10 each for them at Nationals), they are well worth the money.

Inside, they use a CBC small bearing response bad. It’s been a while since I took one apart, so I forget what sized bearing is in there, probably an A-sized bearing.

I have many 2A pairs, including the Loop 720, Loop 900, Unleashed, Raider, Raider EX and the Loop 808’s just to name a few. I also intend to get the Loop 1080’s fairly soon as well. My favorite is still the Unleashed.

The caps can come loose. As this really doesn’t affect performance, it is not a deal killer to me. It does add some annoying noise, but other than that, no problems.

With anything else, 2A is also about preferences. If you’re wanting to learn 2A and really are pressed by budget, I can’t think of a better way to get started than by going with the Loop 800’s. Again, buy both YYJ thin and thick lube for tuning the response


Thanks Chris. I’ve always appreciated your posts, even if it is not a reply to my thread or my post.

Yes, they are relatively new, along with the less new 2a players, that’s probably why its hard to get a review.

Since I already have a loop 900, and I was thinking if I should just buy another 900 or buy a set of 808’s. I actually thought that since it is fixed gap it would be easier, since I kind of always lose my preferred gap using my 900. I probably switch it around too much. A friend of mine also said something like what you said regarding the 808’s, but he said that adjusting the string length would be my option.

I’m kind of really new to 2a. Actually I haven’t even tried looping with two hands yet, as the lack of another looping yoyo implies. I was thinking that the adjustable gap of the 900 was hindering me, I probably wasn’t using it correctly. Really turns out that I have a lot more to learn.


I’m always happy to help.

A few words of warning for you regarding 2A:

String trick styles all require a strong throw. 2A doesn’t need the same amount of power. It does require a totally different technique and feel. It takes a LOT longer to get proficient at 2A, so just be prepared to put a lot of extra time into this for what appears to be small rewards. It will pay off.

I’ve been working hard at 2A since September and I’m not making great progress. I have some goals and objectives for 2A. I do see that if I keep at this rate, I’ll meet those goals in a year or less. I think at some point I’ll hit some magic milestone and this will all start to come together. I’m not there yet. it is worth the effort.

What I find odd is you are losing the gap in the Loop900. One of the concepts behind this yoyo is the use of the key/tool to dial-in your gap, making it repeatable.

You could go with a second Loop900, but for the cost of 2 Loop 808’s and shipping, you still come out ahead with a pair of Loop 808’s.

You’re gonna have to spend some money on other yoyos down the line or try to make arrangements to play some other stuff at a meet or club. If you’re going to CalStates or BAC, let me know and remind me to bring some loopers for you to try. But I think based on your country flag, that’s very unlikely.


Yes I was actually thinking of that regarding the effort and time it would take. That’s why I understand why there are less and less new 2a players lately. But I just always thought it cool to be walking aroung swinging two yoyoes side by side and stuff so I might take a shot at it.

I really want to take you on that offer, but the price of a high end yoyo is already steep for me, let alone international travel. I would love to, but I still don’t have the financial and emotional readiness for those kind of things… yet.


I like 808’s a lot. They have a unique feel to. The plastic IMO is the most comfortable to hold as aposed to a 900. The pad response is nice. I did however have both yoyos pads fall out so I have more on the way. That’s my problem with them. The pads! They’re terrific at first but after 2 months you have to replace them because the adhesive on the back wears out. I like the Duncan pulse though too because it uses friction stickers and I have luck with those things so friction sticker last me longer than most for some reason. If you aren’t brand new to the whole high loop vs low loop thing, if you like a mid ranged loop go with a 900 or pulse or 900, if you like a high loop go with 808, low loop works with any of them though you just got to use long string. Tanglers work with all of them, unleashed are also pretty good for high loops. 44 clash was won by Shaqler a couple years ago using Duncan pulses and worlds with 900’s. Alex Garcia put on a show with 808’s at Japan Nats, and the yoyojam team uses unleasheds. Hope this helped dude!


I had a huge rattle issue with one of mine so I popped that cap off and pinched it with pliers and now its perfect. I like them, not as much as my Unleashed but I like them none the less. Very cheap to get into 2a and hardly any maintenance since they use pads instead of starbursts. Ive never lubed mine and they still work great. I am just getting into 2a and I use the 808’s for what I call looping walks were I just walk and throw whatever hand is opposite of my foot, usually a forward pass sometimes loops and every 10 or so ill do around the worlds. I probably look crazy walking down the road shooting yoyo’s all over the place but whatever its making me better at it lol.


Wow. 808’s are really getting the love. Really have to think this through. hehe.


I was pleasantly surprised at the Loop808’s. I wasn’t expecting a whole lot. This really delivers. I’m sure it can be siliconed as well.

Let’s put it this way: At Nationals, they were $10 each, so cheaper at the YYF booth than direct from YYE. Even so,with YYE’s selling price(store prices will almost always be higher than booth and contest prices), it’s still a bargain.

2A starters? You bet! Get one in red and another in green and be all Christmas too. Swap halves and be more festive if you want to. Actually, I recommend doing that anyways: buy different colors and swap halves so you can see the yoyo flipping. It really helps.