2A Discussion Thread

Welcome to the 2A Discussion Thread!

I started this thread because I felt like this was really needed. 2A players are rare because less people are taking it up as a style. The very steep learning curve, the amount of time spent just to learn one trick, and the repetitive nature of looping tricks turn people off from 2A. It’s a dying style.

By a show of hands: Who plays 2A? It doesn’t matter if you’re starting out or want to start or you’re a world champion, raise your hand.

This thread offers a common ground for 2A players to come together and discuss all sorts of things. From tricks and technique to modification, everything is here. I understand the frustration with the very minimal help in 2A from players compared to other styles, so I’m trying to bring all of us together in one place.

Let’s connect and help together to widen the horizons and revive 2A back to its glory.

Below are links and websites that are very useful to start or improve your skills as a 2A player.

More to be updated later.


Tricks and Technique:
Shawn’s Looping Guide

2A Trick List - Complete with YouTube clips - Courtesy of yo-yo.jp

Yoyo Basic Trick List - Includes basic looping tricks - Courtesy of yo-yo.jp

The Complete Guide to 2A Yoyoing

*I know this link is backed by a different store. I am not trying to take business away from YYE - informational purposes only.

The Mod Squad

The Definitive Raider Mod Post - broken images fixed thanks to archive.org- YoYoNation

New yoyo information:

Forum posts, YouTube videos, and more 2A guides to be included in this essential link set very soon.

last updated: 10/14/2013


Does it count if I REALLY want to start???

I started throwing 2A first. But that’s because I started on fixed axle yoyos in the 70’s when I was a kid and couldn’t do a lot of tricks other than looping. Last year when I got back into yoyoing, I started with a Raider and got pretty good at the responsive yoyo tricks. But when it came to looping, the most I could ever pull off was 9. I can consistently do 3 loops, but soon enough the yoyo starts tilting and turning sideways and I lose control. I just never developed the touch to pull off consistent loops.

I still love it though. When I go walking, I always bring my Raider. It’s kind of tough to land 1A tricks while you’re walking. But loops are a piece of cake.

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Of course! This is not an exclusive thread. Anyone can post. I just want a single 2A thread so I don’t always have to search for other threads.

And I also want to encourage others to take up 2A as well. Yes, it’s hard and you won’t see progress in one week, one month or 3 months. But looping just clicks and you’ll get the feel for it eventually.

Everyone’s welcome :]

MikeEff, seems like you started old school! Definitely! Looping is one of those things where I can just walk around places and get it to the point that I’m not thinking about it, just doing it. I think that’s the point for 2A too.

I’m a noob in this style just as much as the next guy. I’m quite lucky that I’m getting the hang of consistent loops on my non-dominant hand :stuck_out_tongue:

thanks for making this thread! :smiley: i bought a pair of loop 808s. so far i can do double world tour, double around the worlds, double hop the fence, double foward passes, up to 3 inside loops with both hands (fail most of the time) and about 1 outside loop on left hand and 2 on right hand :stuck_out_tongue:

Good idea for a post, Kuya!

I dabble with 2A, though I’m not very good. I wish I was better. I’m convinced that ambidextrous inside loops is the hardest trick I’ve ever had to learn (been at it on and off for a year) and I’m on Andre’s 1A Master class tricks section for for the post part.

I think what I really need to do is just lock away my 1a/5a throws for a month and just do 2a for awhile (I did that for the whole month of April).

I can loop continuously with both left and right hands on their own, maybe some outside with my dominant hand. And I can do maybe 3 ambidextrous loops. :confused: Like I said, I can’t do so much. Mad respect to people who throw 2a.

EDIT: W/r/t yoyos, I started on a pair of Fireballs in the Summer of 2011 and moved up to Sunsets and Unleashed when I was able to do about 20 loops on each hand, maybe a year ago from now.

I’m starting soon! ;D Can’t wait to try it out. I’m partially ambidextrous so I feel like this is something I should be taking a shot at…

Lucky! Good luck! You should give it a shot. It seems like a style that would be fun if you’re good at it. I wish I was partially ambidextrous.

I got a pair of sunsets and loop 808s i can almost do looping arm crossover smoothly. Inside outside loops in both hands is so much fun :smiley:

I have a pair of modded raiders-

2a is hard, but I’m getting used to it!

WHOA! I can’t even do milk the cows [two handed hop the fences] yet! I’m working on my inside loops to be consistent. Since I’m learning with both hands, yeaaah. I mean - if I’m just doing with just one hand it’s very consistent but all heck breaks loose when I try doing it with both hands. I must master inside/outside loops on both hands first before I dive into milk the cow.

As for my loopers: I have a pair of Shaqler Loop900, Unleashed, and I’m waiting for a pair of modded Raider EX’s that I won on ebay just yesterday.
I also have one YYJ Relic [old school looper right there] where I started messing with loops before I got serious with 2A

Welll, today I think I pretty much got the forward pass down. Started moving toward hop the fence and whatever a looped forward pass is called. ::slight_smile: Need to get my throws and catches more consistent, but that’ll come with time.

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Well your lucky I do 2a it was the first style of yo-yoing I got into

haha i can barely do double inside loops and i cant do any two handed outside loops really! i can only do the double hop the fence once though :stuck_out_tongue:

No, learn both at the same time.

I dabbled in 2a until last week when I really started to go for it and I now can do lie 30 inside loops, but i’m also lucky and have 2 good 2a players near me

I gotta say 2a is one of the prettiest styles

Not going to lie, I started 2A just because I saw Shinji Saito and one of his routines from last year. ;D

A lot harder than I initially expected. Still going at it though!

I fiddled with it in the late 90s before I stopped throwing for about 10 years. I could never get my left hand going, but my right side was excellent.

I’ve been working on my 2a and I’m getting relatively okay. Huge need for improvement though. I’ll keep at it.