2a. The looping thread of awesomeness.

Hey ya guys and girls.

I’m not the greatest writer so never mind that.

Here we go this thread is for 2a looping players inspired by the fixie thread.

Here you can post your trick videos.

Ask questions about looping I’ll do my best to answer them or other knowledgeable person will answer.

Discuss about looping.

What are your favourite loppers.

Favourite tricks. How did you got started.

Inspiration favourite player.

And I’m gathering a looping Contest not a 2a but single handed looping.

This Contest is based on the fixed axle challenge by Ed.

I’ve gathered one judge till now and my plan is to take one more judge.

Now main is that I do think have a sponsor.

If anyone of you wants to sponsor. The terms are if you sponsor you can’t take part In it. So anyone interested Pm me and we can discuss about prizes worth or what.

Ill try to contribute as much as I can in looping community.

I can kinda double loop

I’ve been practicing my looping quite an bit and am slowly coming along. Still suck but I’m not giving up.

I think this idea is great in itself, but there is much to a contest than just make a thread, ask a few people to judge, and expect companies to sponsor the contest… which probably have little benefit to said company anyway. You know in order to attract anyone to sponsor anything, you need to give out something in return (like benefit for sponsoring, “if more people will buy the products” roughly speaking).
I think unless you are willing to sponsor the contest itself or having close relations with the company owners, it’s tough to make it happen. I’m willing to judge, because I think this is a good idea, but I guess I was the only one accepting the judge request yet.
Also if it actually happen, I’ll be danged to think of the tricks itself. The guy who does the demo simply has to be in high enough level to take everyone down or at least in comparable level, AND there aren’t that many looping variations really, unless you wanted to do it both hands.
I hate to discourage this idea but if you ask me, I’ll say even if you have the all judges and sponsors lined up somehow, it’s down to the tricks for the challenge itself, since there will be many people who can do every single challenge with ease.

Yes you are right but I just posted about contest so that it catches someone’s eye other I’m going to ask people personally…

And on that everyone is going to do it with ease that’s the first thing came to my mind so one of the changes from fixed axle challenge is.

That you have to do loops. The two contestants do the least loops they get eliminated.

That way there is going to be a winner.

And I’ve edited the post a bit.

And when the Contest is ready there will be another thread for it.

Favourite player inspiration. Connor Scholten.
Shu Takada.
And Rizki.

Favourite loppers. Yoyofactory loop 808 and Duncan Pulse.

Favourite tricks… Loops inside outside. Time warp. Around the world’s.

Inspiration: Chousouku Spinners/Super Yoyo & a Korean yoyo webtoon and badass videos

Fav player: Shinji, azunyan, and rizki

You can make this into a trick circle.

I’ve owned multiple pairs of loopers in the past (900’s, unleashed, more unleashed) and I’ve gotten decent at it (20x alternating 2 handed loops is about all I can do, with some around the world variations), but it always gets old after awhile and I end up getting rid of my pair. Anyone else feel this way? I really gotta just push through the dull moments of learning new tricks and stick with it.

Probably the hardest part is knowing that you are actually learning to become better, and not worse. What I mean is that if you practice it wrong, it will take long to “unlearn” the mistakes.
I don’t consider myself a great 2a player, average at best. But at least the way I do it, I first try to understand the physics behind it, well not the in the numbers and formulas kinda thing but more like the trajectory and how the yoyo tilt, stuff like that. Then I try to get better and correct the tricks based on it, basically practice not only with your muscle but also your head. When things go wrong, observe, see what may cause the problem and find ways to tackle it, does it tilt correctly, does it look awkward, and so on.
I guess I like to see things in too technical way than most people, but that may be one of the reason I keep coming back, because it turns out that with 2a, there is more to it than what meets the eye. That’s where the fun is.

Edit: Btw, how can anyone make me one of their fav 2a player when I’m not that good and barely have any video of me doing 2a anyway (if you do find one it was probably old) ;D To be honest I’m still not happy with the way I loop, it’s just too inconsistent and it’s been like 3-4 something years now.

That’s pretty nice…

And yes it can happen but to me looping makes feel like a ninja.

You can be a favourite player because you are one of the if not the only who cares about looping here on forums. At least from what I’ve read.

And you do hop the fences like a champion and to me anyone who can do hop the fences punching bags is like huge respect from me.

Some tips on hop the fence please.

When I started looping I couldn’t even do one but the forward passes did return.

But with hop the fence I can do one but it doesn’t Come up or return after doing it as it does in looping.

If I try to pull or tug after doing one it doesn’t do well.

Is some kind do of technique to it?

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It was the tilt. It must tilt properly otherwise stop and try again, same with loops.

Also you should tug it back at the proper time, usually better slightly too early than too late.
When you tug it back, you should move the yoyo a little backward, almost like going towards you, instead of your hands. If you tug towards your hands, you will have to go forward more and more because otherwise it will hit. Basically you need to maintain the arc shape of the loop.

Tip: NEVER ever learn with a locked or almost locked yoyos that barely able to sleep, I can explain this in another wall of text (seems like I do that a lot), basically increase your skill instead of changing the circumstances.
Keep the string tight at the whole loop, loose string = no control.

I still haven’t found a way to explain these in a better way, once you can do it you should be able to feel it, and then wonder how to explain that feeling, it’s uhh solid I guess, it’s like the loop only require small but precise power, and the string is almost always tight pulling away from you. Once it “clicks” it’s easy to gauge if it’s a good or bad loop.

Got the outside loops down feeling like a psych now.

When you control that tilt.

Currently using Yoyofactory loop 808 and Duncan Pulse.

Using Yoyofactory loop 808 with lube and single wrap.

And using Duncan Pulse without lube and double wrap.

But pulse is more responsive and snappy.

Why like that.

And is it necessary to lube bearing In looping like can the bearings can be dead.

And response can be worn faster.

Because you used double wrap?

Those new caps on the Toshiaki Oonuma edition Unleashed are sweet! I think I might print out some Sunset Trajectory pogs for my set of Unleashed. Actually, now that I think about it, I already switched out my ST pogs and so they are available!

Hmm, do I have an excuse to buy another set? Perhaps to leave in my car or at work?

Love the smoothness, spin time, response, ease of gap adjustment, and unparalleled durability of the Unleashed. And they DON’T FALL APART!

Yeah I know but then why lube is important if you are getting responsiveness with double wrap.

I mean is lube important for bearings life in looping yoyo?

Lube responsive vs string wrap responsive does not feel the same and they behave differently.
I always use single wrap on pretty much every looping yoyo, single wrap is sensitive to string tension, meaning tight string will have less “drop” at the end of the string and the yoyos will be generally easier to return, while loose string can be almost unresponsive.
If single wrap doesn’t play good, it’s either improper setting or the yoyo is not designed for 2a in mind (or in worst case bad design).