So I have like 45 bucks to spend and I want to get into looping. I am new to 2A and it looks really fun. I already have a raider but I don’t really like it. I am not sure if I want to get a pair or just one but yeah, what do you suggest?

One of the following:
2 loops 900s
2 loop 1080s
2 loop 808s
2 unleashed
2 sunset trajectories (if you can find them)
2 modded raiders (or 2 raider EXs)
There are others as well, but you can’t go wrong with any of the above.

+bundle of 50/50 strings, and optionally thick lube. (3 in 1 works just as well. Or I’ve heard of people using more viscous grease like petroleum jelly)

If you want to get into 2a, you need two yoyos. It’s not particularly possible with only one.
And another thing, stick with it. It takes quite a bit of time to be able to loop with both hands at the same time cleanly. Start with one hand, then the other, then once you can loop cleanly with each hand individually, do both hands. I suggest looping with both hands simultaneously, then when you can do that, move on to alternating. It could take weeks to do. it could even take months, or you might be a prodigy and it could only take you a day. Just stick with it.


Sweet thanks. I will look into those throws. Now about the lube, which is the best thick lube on the market? I know it is all preference but by a majority vote (I guess) which is the most accepted as the best?

It’s really just personal preference as you said. As long as it makes the yoyo responsive, it’s good.
I’ve always used 3 in 1 and gotten good results. it’ll cost you about a $1.50 for a bottle that should last you pretty much forever.
I believe jhb uses a more viscous grease. I might try some dielectric grease in the future and see how I like it.

I was looking at string just now and none of them actually said 50-50. What is a good brand for looping that is 50-50? And one more question, what yoyos does Andre use in the 2A tutorials?

Just look, there is 50/50 :slight_smile:

I don’t care what my string is on looping as long as it last long.

I have a Loop1080 and a pair of 900’s

Personally I like both, but if you play with one, say 900, then grab your 1080 it will feel horrible until you get used to the other.

But the 1080’s are outta stock.

I say wait for the Champions Collection Wave 3 and pick up 2 new loop 1080’s.

It’s gotta be the YYJ Sunset Trajectory. Pretty sure.

I get the feeling that those aren’t very

Will it say 50/50 in the description?

Usually. The term “slick” is the same as 50/50 cotton/poly, so if you see that it’s the same thing. e.g. slick 6, slick 8.

what he said ^
slick 6 and 50/50 are the same.

I would get:


I go through about 2 strings a day when I’m really practicing looping.

In the videos, andre is using 2 sunset trajectories (I think they’re NXGs)

They’re actually very good loopers. I’m not sure if this is still the case, but they used to be the only loopers Grant Johnson would throw.

Are they hard to come by?

kinda, yeah. because they’ve been out of production for a few years now. You’ll see a pair occasionally on the b/s/t though.

I read a article type thing saying (in a nut shell):

“1080, tightest setting, fat string”

when I looked yye was out of 1080’s so I got 808’s (with kitty fat string)… and I love it

What about Adegle Macarons

Ive heard nothing but great things about loop 808s

Yeah what about those? They are one of my cheapest options but that might also mean cheap quality.

I’m by no means an authority on it, but the white moly grease works well for me. Also I use slick 8 string. I actually prefer cotton 8 but it wears too quickly. The slick 8 is a good substitute for me.

So what would be my next best choice after the 1080s?

Hard to say. My preferences are the YYJ Unleashed.

There’s a lot of really good loopers. I feel the 1080’s resolve some of the issues with the 900’s by centering the mechanism. The 900’s are great too. The Unleashed is about as good as it gets.

Cheaper options exist. The Macarons seem to not be really built well and are prone to QC issues. I’ve had to have one replaced due to it being massively not up to spec. The bearing also ships dry and needs to be lubed. So if you’re completely ignorant on certain things, you could buy this and then end up being completely turned off on looping because of the bearing. Most bearings need to be lubed, thick lubed.

The cheap Loop 808’s and the new Loop 360’s are way neat, great starters at great prices.

Preferences really play a major factor in loopers. This is an area you need to spend time and money investing in different models to find what connects with you as feel is a major issue, and feel is highly tied to your set-up.

I think due to money I am going to go with the 808. Thanks for all the advice ;D.