beginner looping yoyo

I have lots of 1a throws and I really enjoy it but I was looking for something new so I started looping on an old velocity with the middle pads tightened all the way. My problem is that I am now looking for a good looping yoyo and I don’t know which to get. I don’t know whether I should buy a pair right now or wait till I get good enough with one then go buy another. also I don’t know which string to get, does string matter as much in 2a as it does in 1a (right now I am using some 100% poly string). any help would be greatly appreciated.

I couldn’t loop at all until recently, but I got myself a (I think) Tom Kuhn, Lightning Wood yoyo, fixed axle and all. Helped me quite a bit.

You will probably want some 100% cotton string though, 'cause when it comes to looping the more responsive the better, and if you have a fixed axle or starburst response Poly can melt. Also remember to double wrap the axle for looping.

I would suggest YYF Loop 1080. I’ve really enjoyed it and it got me started on looping tricks.

Yyj unleashed all the way!

Loop 360, pretty decent, an for 16 bucks a pair they’re a good choice.

Do you know how the 360 compares to the 1080? The 1080 costs a little bit more, but I’m not sure if it’s better than the 360, just the same, or nor really comparable.

I haven’t had the loop 1080, it has a plastic starburst which I’m not a huge fan of so I’ve been hesitant to get it. But thats my opinion. The loop 360 is good though, I have done 50 consecutive inside loops with it.

What does the 360 use? I haven’t really found the Starburst response a problem (granted I might like something else a lot better).

Cbc pads… I’ve briefly tried a 1080 and it is good, havent tried a 360 though… The 1080 is supposed to play better though :stuck_out_tongue: I still prefer my unleashed though…

The loop 360 uses O-rings. It has a tight gap, and has great response… but I found that mine was just a little too grippy for its lightweight. I personally recommend the Loop 808. $12 a piece, smooth, and it just works.

I’m just getting into 2A myself… and unless you’re ambidextrous, expect to put in a lot of practice. My strategy was to get one of a couple different throws to try to look for differences I like or don’t like, and then look at getting a second. I figure the shipping is cheaper than paying for two of a throw I’m not happy with… especially when you are looking at $18-24 for the unleashed, 900, hornet, and 1080.

I first bought a 360, then a Duncan Pulse, then a Loop 808. I found the Pulse to be just a little heavy, which I could get used to since it was so smooth… but it burns through friction stickers way to fast. I found the 808 a perfect weight and shape… a little thin, but I found that the thin, flat side caps allowed me to easily orient the yo-yo to make certain it was aligned correctly before a throw.

The 1080, 900, and unleashed have adjustable gaps… which can be pretty nice. The 808 and 360 are fixed. The 808 gap size is slightly larger than the 360… I find it to be a little smoother. Buy some thick lube or use a little oil… I’ve been using printer head oil (like shredder oil). Buy a 10 pack of 100% cotton and a 10 pack of 50/50 slick 6 if you want… at $1.50 at YYE you can try something different. I don’t really care for the cotton, I much prefer the Slick 6. I’d like to try Slick 8, but they don’t carry it here. I find the 50/50 cotton grips just as much as the 100%, and it lasts longer. (100% poly slips more). You can also double or even triple loop the string around the axle if you need more response.

On the cheap, I recommend an 808 first. It depends on what $12 means to your budget… at that price you’re not out like you would be for $36 for a pair of unleashed or $40+ for 1080s… and then find you get too frustrated at 2A. Or… buy one unleased, one 1080, and an 808, and try them all out for a while. If you really have to go cheap, you can learn a lot with the 360. I have a review comparing the two in the reviews section.