Hey guys so i go the loop 1080 yoyo the other day i used it and it unscrewed itself and fell apart, is there a certain way it needs to be tightened? and also the yoyo string i used go worn out really quickly… is there supposed to be special looping yoyo string or something?


Looping will naturally wear out strings quicker so just use your normal string. I’m told it doesn’t matter if it’s 50/50 string or 100% poly but I use 50/50 (since there’s a chance the full poly will melt due to friction). As for it falling apart, maybe it wasn’t screwed in all the way. The adjustable gap system is so that players can fully screw in the halves without it having an effect on the gap width because that’s what the adjustable gap mechanism is for. I hope this helps!


It does! so the little like teeth marks on the inside of the yoyo i noticed that they tear the string a little is that ok/ normal?


That’s what you call a starburst response system. It grips the string just like what silicone does in 1A yoyos. It will make strings wear out near the bearing so it’s normal