Welll i got my loop 900 today, matter of fact only a couple of hours ago. Awesome yoyo.
But… In the middle of a simple forward pass it falls apart and crashes staright into the ground! >:(
Not only did it get a big scratch but since i was outdoors i lost the bearing!! I been looking for it like crazy but have you seen a loop 900 bearing?! They’re tiny!!
Has the Loop 900 fell apart with anyone else, and if so, why did this happen? :[

Well, it sounds like it happens to a lot of people, because I hear a lot of people complaining on how the Loop900 unscrews so easily, but I don’t have one so I don’t really know. But I really want one.

Use a flashlight and flash it around where you think the bearing flew it might reflect.

Mine only unscrew if i hit something with it. I just check my gap out of paranoia every somany throws.

I have one and after 3 days of hardcore looping it has not unscrewed.

I heard it can unscrew if the gap is as wide as it can get.

Mine hasn’t unscrewed, but my string gets loose enough to a point that the yoyo flies off.

You need to constantly adjust the string or else that will happen if your using your right hand. If you are using your left hand it will tighten. One time when i waas looping i threw it sideways and it flew off the string and spun on the ground like a top it was cool. ;D

That’s because of the string tension, not because of a defect or flaw in the yoyo. Every so often you need to ajust the string tension. :wink:

~James Reed!

Yeah, I never said that my loop 900 had a defect. I failed to mention the string tension. :open_mouth:

Just to let everyone know… I FOUND IT!!
Well my brother found it but we were both looking.
But yeeeaaaahhh, careful with the Loop 900. Great yoyo but falls apart sometimes, check the gap. :]

if it goes through some serious damage, contact yoyofactory and i bet that they will understand and send you a new one.

The thing that tightens/loosens the yoyo is too tiny now. It won’t even grab the turning thing.