loop 900 eating string. please help!

Ok so i just got my new loop 900 and the forums said to put thick lube in it so i did. I only put one drop, and now i have gone through 3 string cotton and poly in 5 minutes. does anyone know how to help thank you.

where is the string breaking? (finger, right by the loop, a little up the yoyo?)

on the axel. it is even leaveing the loop black.

it sounds like the string slipping off the bearing.

Im going to assume there is a bearing and 2 spacers in there.

place a fresh string on the yoyo, can you pull the string off the bearing?

if the yoyo can tighten down and the string is still coming off drop an email to the place of purchase, if there is any difficulty in doing that send us an email to contact@yoyofactory.com

so its been on the bearing. the string is just snapping. would it have anything to do with putting performance lube on. because it wasnt doing that before. and thank you for your help

none whatsoever, unless it is slipping off because of this.

one more thing i need to check, you are assembling the yoyo before putting the string on it.

no i know the string is on the bearing. i completely put the loop over the whole yoyo if thats what you are asking.

one more… is the gap setting at the widest?

no its at the tightest.

might be best to take this to the email now.

I have run out of ideas ???

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alright thank you for your time. you did help me :slight_smile:

Take it to email and/or private messages.

I’ve been satisfied with the customer service shown by YYF on the forums. Fortunately for me, I’ve had no issues with any of my YYF yoyos. They’ll take care of you.

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alright sweet thanks

ok so i fiqured it out. when i took the yoyo apart to put lube in it i forgot to put the spacer back on. thank you for your help. haha sorry for the waste of time. ;D

You didn’t waste anyone’s time. Happy you worked it out. :slight_smile:

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Yup. You didn’t waste anyone’s time.

I think most of us here would rather you voice out your concerns and issues in order to try to find resolve. If you don’t ask, you won’t learn or know. And if you don’t try things out, you won’t figure stuff out.

In the end, issue resolved. I think that’s a good use of time.