Loop 900 Setup?

Im just wondering how you guys set up your loop 900s or looping yoyos in general

I tighten it all the way then turn 1.5 turns
Clean then v4m the bearings
Use string bottom of my pocket length

Slick8 string, tie another loop just below the existing one. The longer string goes on the yo-yo that I scratched the logo off, which is held on my right hand.

The gaps just vary a bit. These strings get thinner as they wear down, and I tighten the gaps to match the string. I sometimes have to widen the gap a whole turn when I get new strings put on.

Two drops of YYJ thin lube on each bearing whenever I think about it. Also, use a wet cotton swab to clean out the spacers and the spacer-recess whenever I think about it.

And tighten the yo-yo when ever it starts coming apart when I am actually playing with it. Not one of the things I appreciate, but every yo-yo will have some flaw.


I don’t really know how much I tightened mine tbh. I just kind of played with them and tightened until I got that happy medium.
I use 50/50 string though, and use some 3 in 1 after cleaning the bearings.

For string length, I just hold the string in my fingers, and go down to about the bottom of my armpit. I find this is a great length. gives very good control.

One time setting, small adjustments, then throw the key away, I’d never readjust it ever again unless it hit something and it loops different. I don’t wanna get into habit of keep adjusting the gap, I personally think it’s silly.