How do YOU maintain your string.

I want to hear how you guys/girls maintain your string. The weirder, the cooler.


Let’s see…

It depends on what string. If it’s cheap, after it gets yucky, I throw it away.

If it’s Toxic strings, I wash it after a good amount of time, sometimes do the same with kitty string. :slight_smile:

Trash then new.


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Placed in a giant mug and new. Will do something cool with it someday.

In all honesty, I have found that washing my hands before I pick up my YoYo has gone a very long way in keeping my strings clean, & increasing their longevity.

Once your string starts to get the dirt & oils from your hands on it, it attracts even more dirt and oil until finally the string is quite filthy.

Also, using a center track bearing will keep the string from rubbing the walls of the gap as much which will quickly erode the fabrics of the string.

So…clean hands & a center track bearing. It’s proven to improve the life of the strings I use.

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Just chuck it when it gets nasty…
strings are cheap.

Heck, I don’t maintain my string at all so i’m probably no help, I play till i see it’s damaged then put a fresh one on to prevent the yoyo from breaking the string and hitting me somewhere in the face, limited edition strings I don’t play with tho.

Washing hands before throwing sessions goes a long way. I make all my strings so i put new on when needed and put the old one on the always growing string ball. The string ball is only used strings from me, not friends and not new strings i take off of yoyos when i get them. I want to see how big it gets.