yoyo string

so when i use my yoyo for like a couple of weeks my yoyo string gets dirty and it doesnt shine bright as it used to? is there any ideas to keep the string new?

Whoa, gotta change your string at least every other day. I change mine every day.

There are some boutique strings that last longer though and that you can wash.

I changed mine every three days when I still used bulk strings.

Now I make strings that last much longer.

But there is no way to make them new again. You have to buy more strings.

Wait, you guys change strings every day? I haven’t replaced my yoyo string for 2 years :-
I didnt even know about this lol

That string is a trooper. :o
Just. Wow. 2 years. Got any pics?

I am playing 2 to 4 yoyo’s each day and I replace an average 1 string each day on one of them. A new fresh string just plays better.

Have a package of #82 General Yo string still…says " 50/ 50 poly/ Kevlar

I find once a day excessive…

When should I change my string… heh?

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agreed…unless your playing like 10-15 hours straight every single day or using cotton strings, then there’s really no need to change that often.

oh, and to the OP, keeping your hands nice and washed really helps to keep the string clean and last a bit longer since it won’t get full of dirt and grime as fast. :slight_smile:

It’s not even that dirty :stuck_out_tongue: I guess YYF provides mutant string on its yoyos

if you live in a clean room and your string never gets hand sweat, blowing dust or even outside air on it yo are a miracle yo yo’er…

try a new string one a week, see the difference and if you are throwing all the time you will do better to switch it out more.

I know some who only change their string if it breaks; I don’t want my string to break in the middle of a trick -

run a test for yourself; use that dirty string, take i off and put on a new one, throw for a bit, take it off and put the dirty old one back.

the only way you will know if your yoyo is better is to try clean and different strings…


I change mine once sometimes twice a day.
The string starts to fray, and collect oils and dirt from your fingers. Stretch out. String burn happens more and the bearing can get damaged.

Same reason I wipe my computer monitor daily or make my bed. Fold my clothes. Hand wash dishes right after use (no need for dishwasher).

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I’ve heard of people washing strings, anyone have any experiences with that? Does it actually work? How do you keep them from getting lost in the washer/dryer?

There’s this magical thing called “buying new strings.” I know, I know, it’s pretty crazy. But it’s real, check it out! 100 Count - 100% Polyester YoYoExpert String

but yea… in all seriousness even if you do manage to make the string cleaner and brighter, it’s still wearing out everyday. and eventually it’ll snap, and your yoyo gets damaged.

It does work, some strings work better then others though.

You keep them from getting lost by putting the strings in the pockets of your shorts

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