How often do you change your string?


Give us some reason why you change your string often for the player who are just starting to yoyo?


I change string when the string gets dirty or is unable to hold tension.


If your just starting you don’t need to change strings often. Since your just starting you don’t really need to change strings unless it’s about to snap, so Id say like once or twice a month :stuck_out_tongue:

(rizkiyoist) #4

No… really…

Generally I changed my string once it’s dirty or furry or when it doesn’t perform well anymore, it’s about 3-4 hours of play, could be more or less. For looping it could be less than one hour. 100% poly for both.


If you’re just doing basic tricks what’s the point of changing string every few hours or even every few days?

You change string to maximize performance, usually for slacks and such. But at a beginner-intermediate level it’s not necessary to change string more then once every other week because changing the string won’t affect the play whatsoever at that level


There… Agree.

(major_seventh) #7

I change it every other day


After around 7 hours of use


IMO - Untrue. Change it when it starts to look ratty, at least once or twice a week depending on the usage. A clean, new string works wonders when it seems that nothing you do is working. Maybe it’s the same effect that washing the car causes it to run so much better, I don’t know. In any event change it well before it’s ready to snap, and how do you know when that is imminent anyway?

(rizkiyoist) #10

3 hours would be about a week if I play like 20-30 minutes a day.
In my opinion since beginners tend to play sloppy, they ruined the string tension and getting knots and such often. Bad string in that case may hinder play (like sticky string, bad tension) adding more difficulties than it should. But I think you’re right that most experienced players rather change their string more often, in that sense it should be no problem to play -just a little longer- for the sake of saving.
One thing to mention, storing the yoyo with dirty string is definitely not a good idea (especially for metals). I’ve seen pitting around response area that I suspect because the owner wants to be cheap by keep using dirty string and storing the yoyo along with it.
I rather have to buy another string than another yoyo.
Oh one more thing, washing your hands before playing will increase string longevity.


Maybe once a week or bimonthly I don’t change it often until it doesn’t hold tension well but I like the feel of used string.


I change my string every hour. If I’m practicing for a contest, I change it every 3 minutes. (String stretches during play).


^This helps me use string longer.


Every other day, often when the string gets ratty.

I used to wash my hands to keep strings lasting longer, but I decided I prefer the disposable nature of strings, and have a lot more fun if I get to change them often/tinker/etc.

Plus I’m a grungy dude. I have acidic body chemistry that ruins guitar strings in about a day. I’ve just learned to love the aesthetic of having strings like look like they were rolled around in cigarette ashes.


Usually I only change my string when it becomes really dirty Or has a knot


If you wear gloves it matters little the state of the string, as long as the tension is good.


Also right now, I’m using kitty string normal in orange and when it breaks in and gets used it looks like it was in the sun for 3 years (colour fades). I really dont like how it does that, shoulda got yellow

(major_seventh) #18

I made that mistake a few years ago. Yellow fat is amazingly bright though. I’d shoot for that next time.


The orange kitty does lose its luminous nature pretty quickly, which is too bad since it’s also my favourite colour of string.

I just change my strings whenever they don’t feel right. Usually this means they’ve gotten ratty for one reason or another. I’m not always in a position to wash my hands right before playing and sometimes things like bug spray, sunscreen, and picking my children up from the dirt happen. :wink: You can tell when a string needs changing. (like the one on my Cascade right now… grabbed it on the way out the door and when I went to throw it for the first time today I was like, “Yeah… I wish I had a new string with me…”)

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Beginners do a lot of hand winding which can put additional wear on the string. I agree that without slack tricks, beginners can go longer on a worn string as long as it’s not making binds too difficult.