String Management

One hears many things about string. Theories, literals, cheese, the list goes on and on.

I’m curious about yo-yo string though, and how you manage it. Questions prioritized by curiosity level:

-For those who have larger collections: how many throws do you keep strung at a time?

-If you’re not using a string for a ‘time’ is it better to remove it? What’s the amount of ‘time’?

-How long do you keep a string in service? Gentry-style (fresh each morning) or longer? :wink:

-Do you even use strings that come with new throws or stick to your favorite brand(s)?

-How do you store NEW string?


Keep all my throws strung except the ones I just dont like anymore. It wont hurt the string keeping it on your yoyo. I keep my strings on for about 2 days worth of throwing. If im playing for most of the day then its a new string everyday. I usually use ammo, i like really thick strings, but recently been digging some thins as well, the string that comes with magic yoyos and one drop yoyos, i keep. I like those a lot as well


And i store all of them in small cardboard boxes that i get from buying yoyos


I don’t have a large collection, but I tend to keep mine strung up and haven’t had any problems. I’ve researched it and the only time it seems it would be an issue is if you live in a humid climate or the string gets wet in some other way.

See above answer. If I’m not planning on using a throw for a while, I’ll leave it unstrung until I use it again.

If it’s my primary throw for the day, I’ll usually restring it the next day. Sometimes the same day if I’ve gone particularly hard.

No. Every string I’ve gotten in the box has been too short for me. I stick with Kitty Tall to alleviate this issue.

I hang it on my wall so I can just grab one when I need it.


Top 5 stay strung w/ Zipline. The rest await string, this makes it easy to manage. Usually keep one string cut to my size on hand for this reason.

Used to string everything, until I realized i get more enjoyment out of my yoyos with a fresh string, so when i get a craving to throw something from the display, it doesn’t end up being toasted string with sweat from 2 months ago (ew)


I keep them all strung and ready to go.
I keep strings in the package they came in in a big box.
I change strings when they start to look funky, such as the tend to stay tightly twisted or the yoyo starts to play bad ( a sure sign).



Wow that may the oldest post I’ve seen.

All 4 of them? 40? 400?

A lot of strings recommend hanging them before play. Never been worth it, eh?

You keep them in service as long as possible?

This is me too. I’d rather measure string play in hours. Like, if I string a throw and play with it an hour per day, I’d expect to get a couple of weeks out of that string. If I go ham for 14 hours straight, I’d only expect to use it that day.

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1 or 2 only, just the ones that I live on my desk and I play with regularly.

Yes, especially for me since I live in a humid climate (Singapore). Some of my bearings have rusted pretty badly from leaving the string on the yoyo so yeah. For me, if I don’t intend to play with the yoyo anymore or am putting it in storage, I remove the string. I don’t really have a set time, but usually, if I don’t play with the yoyo every day, I’ll remove the string.

Usually about 1 day or so. My string wears out extremely quickly due to my sweaty palms so yeah. If I don’t play with the yoyo as much or I’m lazy a string could last up to 3 days.

I always use my current favourite string on all my throws, which is Zipline Alphaline. Partially because I review yoyos, so keeping the string the same removes an external factor that could change my review of the yoyo.

I keep my new string in their original packaging, those boxes and bags are pretty handy for storing strings.


That is some clutch advice. I bet I’m heading down that road right now, need to go unstring a couple of throws.

I grew up in the dry, always forget about that dang humidity now. Now that I think about it, I need to go make sure my shower curtain is closed…


I keep a string on the yo-yo I am using. If I decide to throw another yo-yo, I swap the string over if the next yoyo plays ok with that particular string.

I don’t store yo-yos with the string on them. Ever…


I need to live this quiet life of calm, peaceful, string serenity.

Long post was good too though :wink:


Oh word. I had no idea and you know I’m heading over to destring my on-hiatus throws now.

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I keep string on all my yoyos, even the first one I got that I haven’t picked up in a long time.

I only change the string when it feels worn out or stops binding well or if start to look like it’s beat. I don’t yoyo for competition, so as long as it’s not slipping on me, I leave it.

I usually put my current bulk string on a new yoyo rather than whatever came with it. Exceptions are loopers and the occasional yoyo that comes with a boutique string that I want to try. Otherwise I just leave the string it came with in the box so that if I ever put that yoyo back in the box and send it to someone, it will be just that tiny bit closer to the way it was when I got it.

Whatever my current go to string is, I pull ten of them out of the package and hang them on a hook in a high up kitchen cabinet so they’re ready to use. The rest I keep in whatever package it came in, except Kitty FC, because that bag was a pain to get the string out of and back into.


There is a thought that keeping string on a yoyo for a time will speed up the bearing rusting. Personally I think that’s nonsense, in a temperature controlled house anyways. There may be some truth to it, but not enough to justify taking the string off for me. I live in a pretty humid place and it has never been a problem in 12 years. If I was going to stick them in a storage unit than yeah I would take the string off.

I try to keep most of mine strung up. I like to switch up yoyos at any moment. I’ll use a string until I feel like I’m doing nothing but adjusting the tension.

I use to hang new string on a couple hooks on the wall by color. Lately I’ve just been keeping them in the original packaging though. Sometimes I use the string that came with the yoyo and sometimes I don’t. I always keep the box though.


I’ve been trying to think of a solution for new string storage. I haven’t purchased bulk string in a while, so at most I have maybe 20 of a given string around at once. I want to put some spools on a dowel and hang them on the wall so I can pull a string off like toilet paper when I need one. As of now they are all in the baggies they came in, in a SNES lunch box on my bookshelf, lol.


Overall I prefer not to leave a yoyo strung if I’m not returning to it soon (1-2 days). I don’t like the memory strings can aquire sometimes. For cotton I tend to change strings often, as many as 3 times a day if I’m really rocking. Poly I can get a few solid days out of one.

If a string needs changed and I feel I’m done with that particular yoyo for now I’ll remove it and leave it unstrung. Humidity is prevalent in my area so I don’t want any issues. I own about 45 yoyos, 95% of which are fixed axle.

I never seriously use the strings that come with a yoyo. Even the cheapest bulk string is better than any string included with a yoyo in my experience. I will utilize them for about 10 minutes for new wooden fixies to wear off any residue/particles from manufacturing. But always just simple throwdown or sleeper, because they will break easily.

I store each type of string I use in nice clear plastic repurposed strawberry candy jars. Easy to see what I’m grabbing and keeps the cat away!
I put a yoyoexpert sticker on one of the lids and posted a pic of it in the thread where folks put their yoyoexpert sticker on things and try to win a prize.


More of a fact, really.

Leaving the string on the throw improves the conditions for rust to occur, whether it occurs or not.

Everyone takes the risks they’re comfortable with. Some folks don’t want to risk decreasing their bearing’s life and take precautionary measures. Others don’t want to risk losing the time it takes to unstring their throws and so leave all their throws strung all the time. There’s no right or wrong.

Bearing manufacturers will always be happy to sell you replacements as the need arises. :innocent:


Yeah I’m fully aware bearings can rust man. I just don’t believe taking string off in a temperature controlled house is necessary for rust prevention. Like I’ve said, been throwing for 12 years and never been a issue.

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I keep all throws ready at all time with string.

NEVER remove a string unless I’m trashing it. Tried to swap. The swapped always goes to the trash.

If you see fraying, excess tightness, or dirtiness it’s time to swap.

My strings are all home made. I never use other string.

For the last question I use Ziploc Freezer bags the 1 gallon size. Eh that’s what happens when you have 700 strings.


I put a small hook on a command strip on the cabinet near where I keep my yo-yo stuff and hang the strings there. I also don’t have a huge number, but probably more than 20. I fell into the trap of wanting to get strings to match/compliment each of my yo-yos, but I’ve since become convinced I should just buy white or neon yellow and use it for everything. String visibility feels more important to me than color schemes. And sometimes the best color for a yo-yo isn’t super visible.