Keeping string on all yoyos or changing the same strings?

So a friend of mine recently started yoyoing, and I noticed a difference between us, he keeps his yoyos without string. When he is going to play, he just puts a string on his yoyo, and when he changes the yoyo, he takes the string from one and puts it in the other.
I’m just too lazy to be always changing strings here and there, and I have them all with the string I like for each one.

Just curious, do you keep strings on all your yoyos or do you change them?
(sorry if my English was bad :P)

I have a bunch of them and I keep string on all of them. It’s more convenient to just pick one up and play it.

in the past i kept string on all my yoyos. but over the past month or so i have been trying to get a feel for which bring i really prefer. so, i use a single string and just change from one yoyo to another. i may change string types and i put a sticker on the pack of string i am using at the time to keep track of the different strings. that way i can better decide which strings i prefer in general or even which string i may prefer for a particular yoyo. it’s not work - it’s fun.


I guess it would depend on if you have enough money to invest in a bunch of strings. The bulk string quantities tend to give you the best price. I keep all of the yo-yos that I carry ready to play (it would be unfortunate to have a stringless yo-yo in a side holster). If everything in your case is strung up it is easier to swap out yo-yos in case there is a knot. The looping yo-yos require more set-up. These are cut shorter and to the same length for consistent play. I’ll spend a little time adjusting the tension on all of the spare loopers. Having all of the yo-yos ready to throw makes it easier to let other players test them.

I keep the strings on all of them.

Only 1 or 2 strings at a time, never leaving a knot on either of them. A mess of knotted strings are no good for the throws safety no matter if the strings are around or inside them.

I never even conceived of having a travelling string. Maybe if it was a Cloud string. :smiley:

The differences in gap and response make this unreasonable for me. A string that works great in my TooHOT likely works like garbage in my El Ranchero.

Travelling string… It almost sounds like a movie title… Tales of the Travelling String
I am with you on using specific strings. I keep different string on loopers versus 1a and fixed.


I usually keep my yoyo without string.
It’s a habit, because on the old time when stainless steel bearing just a novelty, it help keeping rust away.
It doesn’t matter now day, but it just became a habit to me.

I don’t have a lucky string. I can’t imagine moving a string between yoyos. String is cheap. Buy in bulk. String 'em all up.

If it’s something like cloud string then I switch it on my yoyos. If its kitty then every yoyo get their own kitty​:grinning::neutral_face:

I buy string in bulk. When I first get a yo-yo in the mail, I wipe it down if I got it second hand, then I lube it, and put a string on it. I throw it a few times to make sure I got what I paid for, and to work the lube in a bit. Then, it gets a photo shoot. Because of this ritual, they all definitely get their own string.