how to wash string

how do you wash string to get more life out of it just water or water soap stuff like that

Yes, that works. Put it in a sock or something to keep it from getting lost in the process. Frankly I haven’t found it to be worth the effort.

It is totally worth it I do

depends… if you’re using YYE string just throw it out when you think it needs to be changed. Any sting that last a long time can be washed repetitively. It only really helps it retain a good color and sometimes helps it get that newer fluffy bouncy feeling. I’d only wash them once or twice and make sure after you wash them they are still in good shape. If anywhere on the string is frayed and looks thin chuck it. Usually the places you need to check are around the yoyo/response area and around where you make the slip not for your finger. Thats where it usually will break on me if i let it. What i do when i wash my strings is just put however many of them in a bowl with dish soap and soak them, then i squeeze and swirl them around to get any dirt out of them. You’ll see the water will get brown, which is pretty gross if you ask me. Dump the water and repeat until the water is clean and then rinse off the soap and let it dry. make sure its dry before you use it you cant want to use wet string and damage your yoyo or your bearing.