this is probably a stupid question to ask, but how do you wash yoyo strings?


Sometimes you are instructed to wash certain types of strings when they get old and dirty, and they bounce right back. do you just soak it under water, then scrub with a towel, or do you use soap, or what?

Thanks guys!


Personally, I get a wet rag, put some soap on it, then pinch the string and run it through the rag 10-20 times. Then, rinse.

I’ve heard about some people just throwing their strings in the washing machine. I guess it’s worth trying.


I’m using YYE 100$ poly bulk strings. When done, I put them in a bag and when I fill the bag, I give it to a friend who is doing some sort of artwork with them.


Some people put them in a sock or cloth bag and throw them in the wash machine with a normal wash load.

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Expensive string you have there.


I buy a lot of it!


I have a mesh knit bag that I use to keep my 1 year old son’s tiny socks together in the washing machine and I recently tried washing some strings in it. I just threw em in there with some clothes, then took em outside and laid them out to dry in the sun. I was a little skeptical but they really did play just like the first time I had put them on the string.