Yoyo Strings?

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Well , after Advice from People I started throwing away my string every3-4 Days or Sometimes Once a Day/Once per Two days , Vice Versa.
Once it starts to go grey and dark and frey a bit I throw them away.
However I got a funny video about a Guy who Kept his old string in a string ball.
I know that its not healthy to keep string and the dead skin cells etc.
So I put it in a plastic bag and Iseal it shut
Today my Mom saw the string bag and she asked why do you waste so much string?
I explain to her
She says is it possible to wash The string?

PS : I use Type 6 Polyster 100%

Heres the general question for this Topic.

How long do you keep string for[How often do you put on a new string]

When do you start to change string?

Do you wash your string?

Is it possible to wash your String and How?

What String Type do you use

And Others involving String :

I know its Possible to wash Dirty old string that you haven’t used before but gets a bit old and fragile and grey .
I saw a Post on putting it in the Drying machine but When I mean washing strings I mean washing strings that have been used.

Ive used probabbly used 40-50 String in 3 Months now and I feel like im burning string alot.
Im down to 40 and I usually buy 100 Packs alot so…



I keep my string for about a month


Of course it is possible…

But you’ll never get back the durability, thickness, or spring even from a “clean” string. You’ll run the risk of snapping even more that the threads have been agitated.

Best idea is to just use a new string yo

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What string do u use?


I use type 6 poly too and I change my string like once a week/couple of weeks. Changing it once a day is… Insane. I don’t feel a difference in play until like a week has passed usually.


I use type 6 poly. After use I put the strings in my back pocket of a pair of pants that are going in the laundry. After washing, that string should last you another week at the most. The strength should last you with good play. They can be washed you can only do it once.

Strings are meant to last however much you play. For me, strings last a week or two with constant play.


  1. Put string in back pants pocket.

  2. Put pants in laundry.

  3. After laundry, start using the string right away (if you remember).

  4. Strength and Durability will be about the same as it was before you wash. It is just cloth, so what’s different than that shirt you’re wearing?


I use mine until it snaps

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You should actually stop using it before it snaps it’ll damage your yoyo unless you play in a field of grass all the time lol.

Uh thanks I got the memo.
This topic can be locked then I Guess.