Is it safe for my string?Plz reply


First of all I don’t have yo yo store at my local,so ive been using auldey string(Its a cheap Chinese brand)from a local toy store.And recently the the auldey don’t sell the string anymore so now Im in trouble :’( so I decided to clean all my old string.The thing is im not sure if the string is strong enough to take to hang on the yoyo when i swing it.Question is can i use those old string again?

I change my string once a week and play an hour every day. The string is half silk half polyester.
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My experience has been that anything other than 100% cotton sting will usually show visible wear (i.e. frayed strands of the string) before it breaks from normal play. As long as the string is not visibly breaking, it should be safe to play. I’ve also played strings longer than that without problems. You’ll have to replace it eventually, but it should be fine to continue to use for a while until you can get some more string.


YYE sells yoyo string. they can be found here:

you can clean the string, but eventually it will wear out, and ultimately break. new string will also help your play and be more comfortable.


Buy string here at yye :stuck_out_tongue:


also bring into account shipping to Thailand probably isn’t cheap from America.


Thx for all your advice now I can sleep peacefuly ;D
any more advice would be good ;D


Another option would be able to make your own string. It isn’t all that hard, and you only need some thread, a drill or dremel (or a pencil and a lot of patience), some kind of hook for the drill, and a nail or some kind of stake hook kind of thing for a person or other object to hold. There are lots of tutorials on this site that would help


There are many, many places to buy high-quality yoyo string. If I were you, I’d save up a bit of money and invest in 100 nice polyester strings (not necessarily premium strings, but something along the lines of YoYoExpert’s “Expert” strings).

You absolutely can wash polyester strings and use them again, but your returns will diminish as time goes on. After the first wash you’ll get about half the lifetime as you did originally. After the second wash the lifetime will be cut in half once more. Once you’ve washed them twice, I don’t think they’ll be playing very well, but they may well be good enough for what you want them for.

My only real advice is to watch out for fraying. If you see any loose strands or excessive “fuzz” in one particular area, toss the string to avoid a break.