Beginning to Loop

So I just got my Adegle Macrons in the mail today and I have a question about looping since this is my first time looping. When I throw out in the Forward Pass motion and then do my first loop, the yoyo hardly comes back to my hand. Most of the time it just stays in the air and shoots back late. I tried throwing harder and it didn’t really help and I try tugging the string with my middle finger and that doesn’t do much either. Does this change over time as I get better or is it the yoyo?

Sounds like it is not responsive enough. Try to use thick lube.

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Yeah it literally just doesn’t respond sometimes no matter how I tug… luckily I have YYJ thick lube!

Well I chatted with two people who have gotten these yoyos. they say they are not responsive enough. Try double looping the axle.

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How do I do that? Also putting on thick lube hardly did anything, and I think I put on too much because now on the Macaron I put the thick lube on the bearing won’t even spin.

Just like a brain from Yomega. When putting the string on the yoyo, twist and wrap again.

Yes clean the bearing. Remember to always put less lube then you think you should, then put less than that

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Guess that’ll have to wait, recently I went to 4 stores looking for lighter fluid and I can’t find any.

They have it at walgreens and CVS or most other drug store. Anywhere that sell charcoal i guarantee sells lighter fluid. Also check you local chain grocery store (safeway and lucky in the bay area, jewel and dominics in the chicago area, i belive.)

Oh thanks I live right next to a CVS I’ll see if they have it.

That’s just how you want it.
If you want it responsive - lube it (don’t clean it). Thick lube stuff is what you want for looping.

And double loop the string:!