Looping bearing problems. Please help

I got a pair if macarons today and they are quite unresponsive as far as looping yoyos go… Ive tried different strings but I believe its the bearing. Any comments are appreciated.

Lube will make the bearing responsive. More lube, thicker lube will give more response.


Lube as skitrz sezzz.

I’ve found that a light grease also works well. Be sure to remove the bearing shields before attempting to lube.

I unshielded the bearings put some 3 in 1 oil in there (about 2 drop per bearing) they were still not as grabby as I like so I double looped the string around the bearing and now they play super!!! thanks jhb and skitrz

I hate to say it but in my opinion, Macaron isn’t a good looping yoyo. The stock setup isn’t good at all, and there is little can be done to mod it because it has bearing seat “embedded” to the body. In order to make the gap narrower you’ll need to cut the bearing seat down with a lathe, and then there is weight distribution issue (not enough rim weight).
The least you could do is adding grease, using thicker and longer string, and maybe double wrap (no more), they will help. In the meantime, I’m afraid you had to invest for a better pair of looper.