i have the YYJ dark magic and i bought the Center Trac Bearing to put in it i lube it and the yo yo is very responsive. The only way to get to be unresponsive is to make the gap where the string goes wider. how can i make the yo yo unresponsive with yo yo screw in all the way in correctly ?

I can’t seem to understand your questions clearly.
If you screw it all the way it would be very responsive.
Widen the gap.
I suggest using some shims to help you on adjusting the gap, might also decrease the chance of getting your string caught between the bearing, seat or axle.
Another thing, just play with it more to break the excess lube in your bearing.

Simply put, lube slows down bearings. If you use too much of it your bearings will be responsive. Just play the thing to break the bearing in.

you just have to be patient and break it in. It does take time but it pays off later. make sure that the gap is all the way out. I would also recommend cleaning your bearing. if you do all of these 3 things , it should be completely unresponsive. I have a dark magic, i cleaned my bearing thoroughly, put 4 drops of thin lube on it, made sure the adjustable gap was all the way out, let the lube break in, and it was COMPLETELY unresponsive. what i mean by “COMPLETELY” is that i would triple trapeze the yoyo and would try to bind (on a triple trapeze) and the string just slipped through and kept spinning. If these tips don’t work, i would send the bearing back and get a new one.

Cool thanks a lot guys I will try that hopefully its work out.