Wohoo! Growing collection!

Just received my package containing my new Loop 720 from the nation today (my second yoyo lol)! Very excited. ;D First few throws however I found that it was a little too unresponsive, any suggestions people? ???

You can try to lube up the bearing with thick lube. should make it a little more responsive.


First I can only say you should have gotten a yoyo that progresses with you I.e journey or fast 201, but for your situation I would say yoyojam thick lube on your bearing to make it responsive then put thin lube on when you’re ready to bind… It’s not that hard just put some effort into it and youll have tight binds

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I see what you’re saying, but I bought the Loop 720 to learn the 2A style. Thanks for your suggestion though.

If you really want a tight tug response go fire a Duncan bumblebee it’s a great beginners 2a yoyo then when you Improvd go back to loop720

Thick lube should work wonderfully to keep it responsive, but why didn’t you order it from here? :stuck_out_tongue:

This advice is a little misguided. The YYF Loop 720s are meant for looping, and don’t perform string tricks as well as yo-yos that are designed for them. With loopers, you usually want them just the right amount of responsive.

Edit: Try double-wrapping the string around the axle if you don’t have immediate access to thick lube.

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:frowning: I can only say sorry but when he said he wanted response I got carried away once again sorry disregard that post but the bumblebee is still another option for his needs.

No worries, this advice is great for beginners to 1A and simple tricks though, so don’t think it’s wrong.

I didn’t buy it from here because at the time, I was only going to have a total of about $30 and the cheapest shipping I could get was $19.50. Just didn’t seen justified paying that much when i could get it for the same amount a a fraction of the shipping cost. :stuck_out_tongue: Otherwise I would have bought from our site. :slight_smile:

Fair enough. :stuck_out_tongue:

Can’t argue… :wink:

Or maybe you can work on your looping technique. You have to make sure the yoyo is at the end of the string before you tug it.

Why would a looping yoyo be unresponsive?

anyways just put thick lube on your bearing it will do the trick.


It was just a little too unresponsive for my likes, that’s all. :slight_smile:

Yo-yos aren’t responsive/unresponsive just because they are a looper or a string-tricker(lol?), etc. Sometimes it is what it is.

Thick lube and A LOT OF PRACTICE!!! :smiley:

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Yah another quick question (probably just comes down to practice but i wanted to make sure). For a forward pass (for looping tricks), I can do at least five consecutively, but then I’ll throw it again and the yoyo is completely sideways (as in the side of the yoyo, the cap, is towards me) and naturally doesn’t return properly. Anyone know why this happens?

I lost my kickside for like 2 month’s and it was unresponsive as heck. Double looped it it was responsive again. (Yay?)

It really is a practice thing, you’ll get it. One tip I can mention is that your string should be much shorter for looping than it us usually. I take about 3 inches off my regular string length and it works miracles for continuous loops. 5 in only a few days is great progress.

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great loopers
try to take out the bearing and clean it