So me and my brother had looked into getting a good 2A yoyo. So we decided to get a LOOP 900 from YoyoFactory. Well we got it and he and I played with it for a while and the cap blew off,big deal I glewed it back together and it worked fine"the adjustment wasn’t to great"but it worked. So Him and me were in a parade and he did an Around the World,the string broke and the yoyo smashed into the ground! The plastic arond the axle snapped and we lost one of the stupid plastic spacers! Never buy one of those again! Any opinions?

I’ve heard it loops great… its string broke because it was old or whatever, not because of the yoyo, and it smashed on the ground and broke. I can’t say that’s any reason not to own one. Just a reason to not throw your yoyo onto the concrete.

I do not have the resources nor the responsibility to either repair or replace it.

Although, info@yoyofactory.com might.

Sounds as if it was weak to start out but smashing it on the ground is going to screw it up a bit regardless… All I can say is try contacting YoYoFactory and see if they can do any thing for you and if they can’t just get a cheaper looper and buy some more strings and replace often.

No the string was brand new.Do think He deliberatly smashed into the ground? :frowning:

The point is I think It could be so much better.

I didn’t recall you saying it was a new a string. And no I don’t think he smashed it on the ground of his own accord.

True the thing was over hyped from what I hear but I’m not much of a looper so I wouldn’t know…

No, of course not… I wasn’t saying that he did. It was an accident I’m sure… that was really more sarcasm that anything. I was trying to say a lot of yoyos probably wouldn’t do too well after flying of the string and hitting the concrete, accident or not.


  1. a string shouldn’t break if it’s new unless it’s defective. string breaking wasn’t the yoyos fault
  2. I’ve hit mine into plenty (even dented my roof with one with a similar string breaking throw (old string)) and they still work great.
  3. Try out unleashed :smiley: I’ve heard good things about them

If your string is breaking you need to invest in some stronger strings

They were 100% Polyester and brand new,can’t get much better than that.

Well must of been a faulty string or something… Also most loopers use cotton string not sure why but there has to be some kind of reason…

It was not faulty I checked it all out!

Well then something was wrong. Maybe the string slipped off the bearing and onto the axle because it wasn’t closed tight enough?

Loop 900 break strings while breaking in the starburst. That’s what I hear: also: curse you Josh yee. I can’t take the pressure…

Josh he can’t be trusted we need to take him out!

Also yeah make sure that the starburst wasn’t really sharp…

50/50 or poly’s the way to go. cotton breaks too easily.

LOOP900 has developed over a very long period. It was used to win almost every major contest in the world while still in testing. That being noted when it was released there are no significant design faults in regards to the durability of this product. Looping is harder on string than unresponsive play, as stated in the instructions, change string often. The instructions also recommend 50/50 string. Personally I don’t follow this recommendation but i also change string often.

If you do experience a problem with your yoyo the best place to get advice is the manufacturers website. If it is under warranty you could also contact your retailer who may be able to assist you also.

No the string was broken when we checked it.