Wow Talk About Some Bad Luck With a New Yoyo

Unbelievable! I just got a brand new Genesis the silver one with the red splash in the mail today. I have been playing with it for about an hour and then all of the sudden the string broke! My brand spanking new yoyo was spinning all over the floor and crashed into a couple of walls. I now have an hour old Genesis with about 5 scratches on the rims. Talk about a bad yoyo day!

Anybody care to make me feel a little better with a horror story of their own?

Just happened today. My brand new ILYY liopleurodon was in my pocket, and fell out onto asphalt, and now it has some scratches. Also, just a tip, polyester strings are stronger than 50/50 and cotton. So if you are using cotton, try polyester. It might not solve the problem, but it will make it better.

  1. Not too sure about the finish on a genesis, but if it has any kind of powder coat, or bead blasted finish, or soda blasted finish, it can wear down strings quickly. Rub the bearing seat down with a leather belt or demin (or any rough, flexible material) for about an hour. should work out nicely.

  2. Use nylon strings. Nylon strings are MUCH MUCH tougher than cotton or polyester strings.

  3. It’s only scratches, and yoyo’s are only a toy. There is no need to fret about a few scratches. besides, scratches add character.

I hit the floor with my new “ONE” while experimenting with string lengths but it’s all good sorry your yoyo got scratched up but it’ll be fine.

I have some small spots where ano was taken off of my Skittles Marmot. I know your pain, but you get over it :wink: Plus, mine are small. I’m not sure about yours

all raw ive ever owned.

PS post 666 (too bad i dont care [agnostic here])

I was in a trade with BuckChoy and traded him my tactic that my dead brotgher gace to me before dying in a car wreck and he scammed me, then smashed it on the concrete and sent it back/:

Sue,Sue,Sue,Sue! ( if possible.)

First metal I ever got, I took to work threw it about 3 times the string broke it hit the bricks I was standing on, and Totaly put he biggest ding I have ever had into it. a piece of the brick was in the ding it was so deep. :slight_smile:

One that happened to my brother which was pretty funny. We had just gone to the Flea Market and bought some knock-off Yomega-style classic Brain yoyos. While my yoyo’s hub broke when it was in my pocket about 2 hours after the purchase, my brother later that night went to show us his new trick: “Around the World.” Little did we know it was going to end with an explosion of plastic shards as the string was a bit long and the yoyo kissed the ground. He then stared dumb-founded with just a string and transaxle attached to his finger.

My almost bad experience (ended with a happy ending) was when I was at BAC a couple weeks ago. I had just bought my Raptor. After a couple throws and a failed Gyroscopic Flop my string tangled inside requiring a dismantle. When I unscrewed it and undid the tangle I then noticed my axle was missing! After I told my bro don’t go anywhere, I just lost my axle. Fellow yoers around me stopped overhearing what I said and helped me search the grass where I was standing. Out of nowhere, I saw the tiny axle within the blades of grass…I was ready to head back to the Duncan table and see if they sold spare axles. Rule of thumb, never unscrew a yoyo over grass.

Last one was busting the hub after an hour’s play with my Peterfish Dominator. I went to regenerate and kissed the floor in my house. My other Dominator still lives inside it’s unopened package, glad I only paid $2.50 for each of them. The busted Dominator did get regenerated with some superglue and a replacement with silicone instead of the foam pads (ew, that stuff sucked!) and plays pretty good for a looper now.

some random bully thought i would be funny to chuck my 54 across the street. I mean its only a yoyo, how much could it be worth?-sarcasm- sigh, luckily it wasn’t asphalt and was only a smooth sidewalk. there are quite a few scratches though. Sorry to hear about your Genesis :(.

So thats what I saw a group of you looking for in the grass, haha.

Go to a karate school, six weeks later whoop is sorry little butt
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that was so good i gave a thankyou

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You should feel lucky that it’s only scratched.

I set my ILYY Fury, only a month old, on the windshield of my car. I forgot I put it there and then hit the highway. All of a sudden I saw my Fury slide up the windshield and go bye bye. Good thing there was no one behind me.

Reminds me of the time my dad did that with his paycheck envelope. He never hit the highway though and found it in the parking lot

This was a while ago, but one time I had my SuperStar next to me in the car, and when i got out of the car, somehow the string got attached to my pocket, and when I jumped out of the car I heard a DING and there was my SuperStar rolling down a hard, pavemt floor. And of course, there was some scratches on them, but because of the gloss annodise on the yoyo, it was kind of hard to notice. :wink:

Wow, you must have been FURYous
FURYeal (for realziez)

Raphael, you should be turned into a watermellon for those puns, not even kidding…

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Yah, I hate string breakage. I only use Chaos string now with nylon. And it has never broke. I also use Kevlar on my Epic.