Brand new yo-yo is a string cutter / string eater?


A few days ago I noticed this YoYoOfficer Blossom was starting to eat through one of my fancy StringLabs strings after only a few minutes of play. I thought maybe it was a bad string so I replaced it with a generic string and just spent 10 minutes playing with it literally right now and… then this happened :scream:

So yeah … it got some dings as a result. Dang, I should have tested this theory over carpet :cry:

I am wondering why a brand new yo-yo would be such a terrible string eater / string cutter? That seems like an obvious design flaw, that they would have caught in testing? I mean I am an awful yo-yoer for sure but I can’t be that bad such that my string is rubbing against the edges of the inside of the yo-yo so much more than everyone else’s? I dunno!

I noticed that the Duncan Origami I recently bought has a shiny polished area above the silicone response pads where the string would normally rub which was a really neat design element. I’ve seen a few manufacturers do this and I wish they all would!


I have used my dremel with some buffing attachments to polish the areas above the response pads when I get throws that are string eaters / string cutters, but this was usually for b-grades where they noted the finish ended up too rough and needed “denim rubbing”. So I guess I have questions.

  1. Why don’t all yoyo manufacturers polish the inside edges like Duncan did, as a finishing touch?

  2. Why would YoYoOfficer ship such an egregious string cutter in the Blossom? Or am I just a freak?*

* wait don’t answer that one


Haven’t heard of this issue with the Blossom yet and didn’t notice any string wear when throwing them for pictures. I’ll check a few to see if it’s a problem with any others.

Also - Did you buy it from us? Anytime you have a manufacturer issue like that we are more than happy to exchange it for you.


I appreciate that, and I technically did buy it from YYE as I recall, but I am a “fix my own problems” type of guy! TO THE DREMELS!

I do wonder why yo-yo manufacturers don’t regularly polish the inside of the response area where the string would rub, as Duncan clearly did… I guess, go team Duncan?


I think it’s just rare that it’s necessary and it would add an extra step to the manufacturing process. Some companies polish the gap, some just do a disclaimer if they notice an aggressive blast. The Blossom is weird - It doesn’t seem like it has a very rough finish. I threw one for 15 minutes just now and didn’t notice any string wear. Might have been an isolated incident, but I’ll try a few more and we could just put a disclaimer on the page if need be.

An interesting one is the Top Yo Neptune. It actually has a plastic insert to reduce string friction in the gap:


Well, from my perspective, any day I get to use my Dremel is a good day, so…

Notice the shiny area near the response pads on the left? That’s the one I treated first!

Here’s what I use in case anyone wants the details. Obviously a dremel tool, with the buffing attachment:

Only the softest one at upper right, the rest would abrade away the finish to bare aluminum pretty fast!

That plus a polishing compound, the green / middle one from here which is recommended for “stainless steel”.

(Spinworthy Glen) #6

Ike a lot of Yoyofficer yoyos, but their quality control is not good at all. Near enough is good enough to them it seems.


Tried it with an extra string I had laying around, seemed OK, then swapped that out with one of my preferred and fatter stringlabs ammo strings and played a bit more … definitely seems fixed now.


For whatever reason, this particular yo-yo was one of the most egregious string eaters I’ve ever played. I have a lot of YoYoOfficer throws and other than a slightly vibey Apex, haven’t really had any problems with them.

It’s worth mentioning that whenever you take the yoyo apart to fix a string tangle or knot, if you see any fraying of the string, it’s time to replace that string immediately. And it’s also a good idea to check any yoyo you are playing heavily for weird string wear at least once a day.

(YoYoStringLab) #8

Most of the strings I have seen that were cut by yo-yos don’t seem like it was from the blast, as the threads are all sharply cut in one spot about where the response edge would be. I suspect it’s usually from a sharp response edge or burr. Of course with that shape it would be hard to tell the difference.

PM me an address and I’ll send you a few strings from the lab.


I will say that every time I’ve had this string cutting problem, using the dremel to polish the interior edges near the response pads has worked 100% of the time. It doesn’t even take that long, maybe 20 minutes tops.

I know a lot of people recommend using rough denim to rub down the area, too, but y’know… dremel!

As for sending strings, aw you’re too nice! Very generous, but save that offer for new throwers, not me :wink: My last order of 200 yysl strings (ammo and type x) should last quite some time!

(Connor Duering) #10

If that doesn’t work rub the bearing on a pair of jeans usually helps me. :wink:

(Priyanka) #11

My Yoyofactory Shutter basically ate the first string I put on it.


Well this happened again. It is kind of a weird experimental yo-yo though (Death Robot MG b-grade from Kyo’s Toys), and I did see it start to happen, so it wasn’t a huge surprise I guess…

… anyway if you EVER see even a single string thread get cut near the bearing area loop, change your string immediately, and also think seriously about smoothing those inner walls near the response pads!

Time to get the dremel out again.


I’ve been playing with that one a lot to test after dremel buffing near the silicone response pads, and it looks successful in this case as well.

It is striking how quickly the string gets eaten on the ones that are rough enough in that area to eat strings. It’s kinda night and day. Either it eats strings with a vengeance, or basically not at all.

Anyone else had a yo-yo that would only eat strings after many days (or even a week) of play?

(Spinworthy Glen) #14

You seem to be unfortunately plagued with string eating yoyos. I haven’t ever really had an issue with it. :thinking:


I wouldn’t say two or three out of ~400 is necessarily a “plague” :wink:

It is very annoying when it happens though.


Hey look the Omnitron has this too!


My ooch did this back in the day. I used a scrub pad and elbow grease to solve it. Dremel would have been nice.


It’s happening again … not super surprised in this case because that edge is crazy sharp on the Sesh

This time I tried to resolve it with low-tech… I used a metal nail file on my multitool to pare down the edge a tad, then rubbed that edge heavily on some denim-like cloth of a tool pouch I had laying around.


Weird, Haven’t heard of the Sesh cutting strings at all. Did you get it used? was there any scratches/marks near the response pads? Are you cursed? :thinking:


It looks like in that pic that there is a damaged area on the edge outside of the response area. I’ve been using yo-yos for lots of years and other than a hulk Peak I’ve never had any issue with string cutting/fraying. @codinghorror seems to be having some tough luck.