Brand new yo-yo is a string cutter / string eater?


No, that is the following

I also used the dremel buffer later because let me tell you denim rubbing is a hell of a lot of work and I am very lazy.



It’s happening again. Must be the way I throw :frowning:

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You may have to switch out the bearing or check to see if the string is getting caught in the side of the yo-yo. (I’m late to this and I’m not a good fixer.)


Never seen this happen with this number of yo-yos owned by the same person. No way any amount of cockeyed throwing should be doing that. A few of the old AntiYos would eat strings but it was well known that it was the finish, which was too abrasive (kinda funny story behind that one, tho). That’s what the denim rubbing was supposed to treat, not machining flaws or QC misses. Most of those look like fairly clean cuts


Actually the AntiYo eetsit string cutter was an issue with the bearing seat not being deep enough. The string would work it’s was into the space between the bearing and the shell and get cut. The fix was to remachine it a bit deeper.


See all those tiny tiny threads in that hi res picture? Those can get caught between the bearing and bearing seat when putting the string on a yoyo and then screwing the yoyo together. That may ultimately be the culprit.

I know you are a proponent of putting the string on while the yoyo is disassembled but I think you should reconsider that stance.


Maybe, but in ~4 other instances polishing the edge of the response area with the dremel completely fixed the string cutting problem for me. How is that possible if what you say is true?


What yo-yo? Singularity? I threw one for about 20 minutes and didn’t notice any string issue. Was it a new string?


Yes it was. I have resigned myself to this being something about the way I throw on certain yo-yos.

I put a nylon string on it for now.


I agree with vegabomb. I think this is it because I had the same problem with my turntable 2.0 and all I had to do was change the string (without unscrewing the yoyo) and it hasn’t happened since. I’ve also thrown my singularity for a quite a few hours and had no issues.


I can’t imagine your throw causing strings to break, but it could be… You definitely seem to have bad luck with strings on new yo-yos. Break any mirrors or walk under any ladders recently? :joy:


This is what the singularity did to a One Drop Long Cut after an hour or so of throwing it … I am assuming the white here is the tougher nylon @smileypants707 while the blue is the weaker poly?

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Yep. Blue is poly, white is nylon


No more dremeling brand new throws! It doesn’t look like you got it from us or else I’d demand you send it back lol.

Talk to the store you got it from and get a new one, I haven’t had any issues with Singularity so far so I’m guessing you just have bad luck and got rough one.


I definitely have a new respect for yoyo companies that specifically polish the inner response area. Not just a pointless finishing detail … it matters!

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I think they actually have the shop mask it before blasting. Same idea in the end though.


I meant to update here:

I’ve tried 3 strings now on the singularity, it eventually ate through all of them: onedrop long cuts, yysl ammo, and kitty fat. I need to polish its response area with the dremel…

I recently bought some more C3 yoyos and I noticed all of them had a polish (or mask as @G2_Jake noted) around the response pads: atomic crash, remaster galaxy, omnitron. All of them! My respect for C3 just went up a few notches, they are already on fire with the amazing colorways


Unlucky, maybe you should stick with organic throws lol

This has happened to my string twice:

  • Once when i put on the string before screwing together and it slipped
  • When i used a sharp paperclip/nail to get out a knot, it split a couple threads


There were quite a few yoyo’s back in the day that would eat string. My bape2 did bad for a little while. I just remember it wasn’t crazy to hear about someone taking a brand new throw outside and throwing it over the street or something and their brand new yoyo would go flying, rolling over the asphalt. I can’t remember exactly which ones, but it wasn’t uncommon.


I find a lot of new CLYW’s actually do this. I’ve had problems with the manatee and the dune, but they are glass smooth so I don’t want to Dremel them for fear of vibe.