My Beysick is eating up my strings...nom nom nom

okay i just bought a WYYC 2010 Hspin Beysick, and i like the shape a ton…but the bad thing is that this yoyo eats my strings up like mad crazy. The edges are really sharp and ive already broken 3 strings in like the first 25 minutes and im getting angry. I like the yoyo but i feel that a yoyo like this must have had a bad thing to it. dang it! so i was wondering if there was a modder who could help me out?

take a scotchbrite pad, or a pair of jeans to the response system for about 20 minutes of constant rubbing. if that doesnt fix the problem, you will have to send to a modder. The reason im tellig you to do this, i because it will wear down beadblast. beadblast can lead to cut strings

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i love how half the comments are you guys arguing about how “the google” thing is done. Please just answer the question…thats why i came to this forum…cause google wasnt solving anything…duh!

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you made that wrong.

okay, im sorry, im just getting upset cause i love this yoyo but i dont want to ruin it in every way and what i was gonna do was go the “edges” and round them out…cause i thought it was the edges not the response…okay. So moving forward and now that were all on the same page, can you further explain your comment CarlG?

take an abrasive surface, such as jeans, or a scothchbrite pad, and rub near the response area for a good 20 minutes. if that does not clear your problem up, youll need to contact a modder and try and fix it up

Let’s please stop the animated google stuff. It isn’t contributing to resolving the issue completely. Thanks!

I think because beadblast leaves a textured surface, it can rub hard hard on strings. But I don’t know much about that myself. Satining is another way of texturing the surface, but I don’t think makers satin the whole surface, just the areas intended to be used for grinding.

CarlG is suggesting that you use a very mild abrasive or durable material to gently rub down and take the “edge” or “peaks” off the beadblast surface so as to reduce string wear.

This is a new area to me. I’m too new to get into grinding. I get HOW they do the beadblasting, and I get what satining is, and I know why they do it and what the intention is behind the treatments. What I don’t understand is why CarlG is saying to take the material and apply it to the response system. Unless the concept is to smooth the edges of the material around the response system. Even though he’s way younger than me, he’s got more experience.

The other choice is to go the modder route. I can’t say anything bad about this. Most have decent tools and advanced knowledge and understanding. Chances are they can fix it fast.

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im just repeating what modders told me to do when i had that problem, it got fixed :stuck_out_tongue:

okay thanks guys. and sorry for the sarcastic comment CarlG, just a little frustrated with this beysick right now…was planning on getting the purple color but this happened and now im upset. One last question…you want me to rub the response PADS or take the pads off and rub the edges of the RECESS?

You want to rub down the little tiny area between the response pad and bearing, and the area just past the response pad. Anything that constantly rubs on the string while the yoyo is sleeping.

Use the rough side of a leather belt. I find that it works best.

Sorry, Just found out about it and thought it was cool.


leather belts work to as ^ said

open your yoyo, rub the part that you could call an “outside wall”

Maybe he wasn’t clear, you want to rub the rough areas of the walls to take the sharp edges off. I would go with denim, leather or terry cloth. Skip the scotch brite - too rough.

Also, it’s not only due to bead blasting, the ano or other type of coating can cause wear as well. The Fluchs coating was good for that. A brand new pyro with the fresh laser engraved flames will do that too.